I Want This – Vintage Kids Puzzle in Austin, Texas


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baby puzzle

It's cute, it's coloroful, it's made out of wood... what more could you ask for?

So for some reason that you can now not remember, you have decided to host Thanksgiving this year. In an hour, 20 people, including your in-laws, are going to show up at your doorstep. Your wife has gone on a wild goose chase for some random-yet-essential ingredient you forgot to buy for desert. The place is still a mess and your two and a half year old wants you to play with her “NOW!”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just sit her in front this puzzle, even for just 10 minutes, while you get yourself together? So much better for her brain than another Barney episode!

Salvation lies on Bounty Huntress’ Krrb corner. Head on over there now.

  • Playmobil Romans

    Even I, I want this toy puzzle. It has a beautiful scenario as its design which is easy to assemble because of few parts. For sure even your kids will enjoying playing this toy puzzle as they also love animals.