I Want This — Vintage Brutalist Wall Sculpture


I Want This — Vintage Brutalist Wall Sculpture

When I’m on a mission, I don’t stop. After moving around my living room to shake things up, I’ve finally set upon my new favorite layout. I bought a big rug, painted my coffee table a bright teal (trust me, it works!) and installed a secondhand pendant lamp. Not quite done, I’ve been fixated on the hole in my gallery wall. Not exactly a hole, but a void that calls for texture, airiness and something not quite rectangular in shape. I think this could be it.

This vintage Brutalist wall sculpture encompasses the metallic accents of my living room with the Mid-Century finds I’ve accummulated over time. Five feet in length, it’s going to be a statement piece—but one that I think will feel at home in my home.

Find it on SevenBC‘s Krrb corner. $445.


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