I Want This — Vintage 1970s Avion Camper

Photo: Krrb.com/nest?auto=format

Photo: Krrb.com/nest?auto=format

Summer is quickly slipping through my fingers much like the sand from beaches I only visited one this season. As kids across the country start heading back to school (speaking of which, have you done your shopping?), I am putting my foot down. My favorite season can’t end without a big hurrah.

It’s why I have my eye on this vintage Avion camper. Not only does it sleep four, but the roomy trailer has a full kitchen and bathroom. What better way to say goodbye to the dog days of summer than by hitting the road with friends for one final adventure?

Find it this Vintage 1970s Avion camper on Krrb. $5,600.

  • Vanessa Londono

    Where would you go? I’m thinking a scenic route down the East coast.

  • TerriE

    Love it! I’m kinda hankerin’ for a canned ham myself!

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