I Want This — Vintage 1930s/40s Gilded Age Couch in Brooklyn


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Vintage gold 3-piece couch from the 1930s/40s?auto=format

Vintage gold 3-piece couch from the 1930s/40s?auto=format

Whoa this couch. Imagine sitting with friends, sipping on post-Prohibition style cocktails, while they remark on your amazing find. Krrber, jpbjpb has got it right: nothing coming out of Ikea these days is given the lovely attention that has been bestowed on to this piece.

But alas, this ain’t fittin in my Brooklyn apartment. Oh, won’t someone take this couch and love this couch, so that I can live vicariously through them and their cocktail parties? Until then, I’ll wear my shiny gold everything in honor of this piece, dreaming of a day when we’re reunited.

Vintage 1930s/40s?auto=format Gilded Age 3-pc L-couch seats 9

  • this is a royal couch and there is no doubt about it.i also would like to have one of this in my drawing room.