I Want This – The 80s and 90s Combo Game in Brooklyn


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80s and 90s game

Finally! A chance to relive the not-so-distant past in the comfort of your own home.

Those were the days… Madonna (in her heyday), Public Enemy, acid-washed jeans, Beverly Hills 90210, Bill Clinton, Jerry Seinfeld, the list goes on.

We’ve been thinking a lot about ways to slow down lately, and what better way to kick back than over a trivia board game with a few friends? No bells and whistles, no computerized parts, just good clean fun and a lot of laughs (because how can you keep a straight face when discussing the hairstyles on The Facts Of Life?)

If you’re in the NYC metro area, head on down to our good ‘pal’ Krrbie’s corner (where you’ll also find 7 seasons of Family Guy on DVD for your stay-at-home pleasure) and check out the game for yourselves.

You’ll be humming Nirvana in no time!


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