I Want This – Tea Tree Exfoliant Mask in Brooklyn

tea mask

Give your skin a new lease on life with this mask.

It’s finally summertime, and with the sun and fun comes lots of extra grime and dirt, not to mention SPF 50+ sunscreen, as we spend more time being all active and outdoorsy. Now is the time to pay a little extra attention to our skin, which is working extra hard to protect us from the elements, by cleaning it with a little something special.

Enter this Tee Tree mask, which promises to draw out the impurities (yuck!) without disturbing our natural moisture (yay!)

Sign me up! And since I live in the area, I get have some of this stuff for my own. But luckily, meow meow tweet is a beauty company, so there’s plenty of this elixir to go around! Head to krrb.com/meowmeowtweet to check it out for yourselves!


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