I Want This – SWASH Desk Set In Brooklyn


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swah desk set

Just having this stuff on my desk will instantly turn me into a stylish minimalist, right?

I have a dream.

That one day, my desk will be a clean area, devoid of receipts, unopened mail, photos waiting to be put into albums, magazines waiting to be read… the list goes on. Everything will be happily located in the perfect spot that I, an organizational genius, have devised.

Oh and all my emails will be answered just moments after they enter my inbox.

Unfortunately, my reality is far from this, and I feel like I need a little inspiration to get started.

Enter this SWASH paperweight and letter opener set, which is so lovely and so clean in its design that I’m sure it would shame the rest of the mess on my desk into submission, just be being there.

I’m sure I’m not alone. Fellow overcrowded-desk owners, unite! Let us all go to Stephan K Hepner’s Krrb corner and start our new lives today!


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