I Want This — Retro Wurlitzer Electric Piano in Washington, D.C.


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Time to tune up my musical ear!

Time to tune up my musical ear!

I’m a little behind on my New Year’s Resolution of 2010 when I vowed to learn to play the piano. Two years later, I’m not any further in my progress but the dream hasn’t died. It’s why I’m smitten with this retro electric piano. I’m sure that if it were mine, I could put in the hours on that bench.

Signing up for lessons would also commit me to practicing on this charming instrument. Getting one-on-one instruction can be expensive, but totally doable if I were to exchange baked goods for piano lessons.

So do I have any takers? I’ll swap you tasty treats for time with your piano fingers. In the meantime, I’ll be rearranging my living room for this Wurlitzer Electric Piano on Sweetloaf’s Krrb corner in Washington, D.C.


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