I Want This — Patent Leather Lanvin Pumps in Manhattan


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Lanvin pumps

I do not, for the life of me, understand what these shoes are doing still up on Krrb, ’cause they are slamming. Though I must admit that I’ve been seeing a good number of stilettos in NYC corners lately… Are the women of the big apple suddenly becoming sensible and wearing—gasp!—flats? Oh say it isn’t so! As for me, an admitted style-over-substance devotee of the high heel, if it weren’t for a promise I made to my husband (about hogging up all the space in our closet, blah blah blah…) these babies would be headed straight to my place. But they are not, so please somebody – go to krrb.com/jms and rescue them from their box!

  • Anonymous

    I’m more of a sneaker girl but these are aight!

  • I’m not sure how a pair of of Christian Louboutin Black Pumps with signature red soles found their way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin … but these gems need to find a home too!