I Want This — Oscar Mayer Whistle in Brooklyn, New York

This whistle brings me back to my childhood.

This whistle brings me back to my childhood.

My Baloney has a first name. It’s O-S-C-A-R….. I think the Oscar Mayer commercial is partly how I learned to spell. It’s why I want this Oscar Mayer whistle.

However, it’s only available at Krrb’s Show & Tell (and Trade) — another outlet for my childhood nostalgia. The event on November 15st at 7:00 pm will compile the ten most intriguing items whose owners will then take the stage with author Ben Anastas, in celebration of “Too Good to Be True,” his new book. And if I bring a great story, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll go home with this whistle and a Kindle, a giveaway as part of the event.


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