I Want This – Old Skool Pram in Berlin


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The perfect accessory for a springtime stroll... for someone...

Or, to be honest, my kid wants this. Because yesterday, on a quiet flight up the east coast of the US coast full of somber adults, she announced, in a voice loud enough to wake the dead, “Mommy, you need to get pregnant!” I laughed (trying to make the best of it, but wondering if my parents had put her up to this) and asked her why. To which she replied, matter of factly, “Because I want a baby.”

Well that makes one of us.

But this pram does look awfully cute. If only motherhood was as simple as jetting over to Berlin to pick up this lovely vehicle, loading up a giggling cherub and then strolling around the park with him or her in tow. Though adding a bit of fun via a stylish buggy might make those sleepless nights fell a bit less oppressive.



  • Rachel Carey

    That is a nice looking pram…. What is that material though, leather? hahaha… Really, it looks nice though. Wait… is it leather?

    Since you seem to like prams, I’ll throw some more your way. These are a modern take on an ancient classis: http://www.silvercross.co.uk/heritage-collection/

  • UI

    HRH has gone over the edge.