I Want This – Large Brown Leather Tote In San Francisco


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leather tote from San Fransisco

Because lets be honest... Do you really want to carry around a tote bag from Whole Foods?

Well if I’m going to be out and about this winter, I’m gonna need something to carry around all of my supplies and newly acquired treasures, right? And while there is no shortage of promotional tote bags to be had for free out there, I’m kind of over being a walking advertisement. Even if it’s for something I’m into.

So it’s time to grow up and get myself a well made (by hand, natch) unique, beautiful bag. This one fits the bill perfectly, can be a backpack or a purse, and is about as far from a plastic bag as you can get.

Go check it out at Hawk & Carry’s Krrb corner in San Francisco.

You won’t be sorry.


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