I Want This — Kids Sweater Vest from Paris


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white sweater vest

Cute white sweater vest from Paris... size 3!

Why is it that the French have it so much more together when it comes to kids’ fashion? Even the low end stuff looks great– it’s as though they just pay more attention to how things are constructed. Especially clothes

So I spotted this awesome vest on Krrb, and even went down the road of picturing how cute my daughter would look in it, only to come to my senses, check the location, and realize that the sweater is in Paris. The sadness… or Bonjour Tristesse, as the French might say. Just one more reason to buy that plane ticket and head on over, I guess!

But that might take a minute. So if any of you have a three year old and just happen to be in Paris or thereabouts, go to krrb.com/domino and snatch this up. And then send us a photo of your kid in their chic new vest!

  • Can we say that vest is better than a sweater? Both clothes offer warmth for your kids.

  • Sweater vests are a fast and inexpensive way to dress up your teen fashion. No matter the occasion, they provide an ideal compliment an outfit.