I Want This – Kent Coffey Format Tallboy Chest In Chicago


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format chest

This chest is just what I need to stuff all my excess papers and kid's toys into.

They say that if you make a formal resolution to do something, rather than an amorphous wish, you are much more likely to actually get the job done. So hop to it people. It’s still January, and we can still resolve (formally) to get ourselves more organized. Maybe you guys all have your papers in color coded hanging files already, but I sure as heck don’t.

And I might not get to the nitty gritty of printed labels, but I could at least ditch the piles of receipts, photos and various books that litter the floor of my home office in favor of a lovely chest like this one I spotted on reTroActive’s Krrb corner this morning.

My papers may not be filed alphabetically when I’m done shoving them inside this bad boy, but hey, I’ll look like I’m on top of my game. And that’s 99% of the battle anyway, right?

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    I NEED this for my bedroom.