I Want This – Headphones in Manhattan

vimoda headphones

I could listen to music with style if only I had these headphones...

In my previous life, I sat at my desktop for maybe an hour at a time, max, and always listened to music (or watched videos, etc) out loud with the laptop hooked up to my stereo. Because I worked from home. Alone. So my ultra-minimal early 80’s Japanese headphones were perfect. I used them only sparingly and was super into their whole retro vibe.

These days, I work from an office and have those same headphones on pretty much all day, so that same retro-ness that makes my ‘phones look so cool is now more annoying as it translates into hours of not-so-great sound quality.

Enter these babies that have just surfaced on Krrb. Good looking. Top quality sound. All I need.

Sadly, I have blown this week’s Krrb allowance on a pair of sandals (ah, fashion) so now is y’alls chance to go to ideas and love’s corner and jump on these. Cause if they’re still around in a fortnight, they’re mine!


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