I Want This — Future Spa Pinball Machine


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When I saw this listing, I was immediately transported back to my childhood visits to the arcade, with its flashing lights, electronic noises and quarter machines. I remember the tiny silver pinball bouncing around, hoping to beat that high score. What a cool, colorful, and unique addition to any apartment! It’s both a statement decoration and a source of endless entertainment. And an absolute steal of a price—some machines go for $10,000 and up! This Future Spa machine features flippers, bumpers, slingshots, spinning targets with all the bells and whistles you would expect from an awesome pinball machine. Impress your friends and relive childhood memories—especially if you loved arcades—like I did. And the best part: you can play until you have the high score without running out of quarters! Start clearing some room in your apartment for this find, guaranteed to bring the ‘wow’ factor.

You can snag this Pinball Machine from cathjig76’s Krrb corner in Westwood, NJ. $1250 or best offer.


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