I Want This — Digital Multimedia Projector, Brooklyn NY


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Get ready for a summer of outdoor movie watching.

Get ready for a summer of outdoor movie watching.

I have always wanted a digital projector. It’s the perfect tool for entertainment on balmy summer nights. Whether you watching Woody Allen classics on the side of a building or home movies in your backyard with family, a projector is all you need. Projectors are usually quite expensive but at $150 this secondhand one leaves us money in our budget to spend on popcorn.

Make your home the hangout this summer with the Digital Multimedia Projector on Timo’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn, New York. If you’re looking for a projection screen, check out this 40-inch portable one on Sonicjean’s Krrb corner also available in Brooklyn.

  • Such a unique projector, and this could be as awesome as you are expecting. I like having this in my office.