I Want This — Danish Modern Table Legs

Photo: Krrb.com/Cushionchicago?auto=format

Photo: Krrb.com/Cushionchicago?auto=format

These graceful desk legs appeal to my DIY sensibility. Building a desk or dining table from these beauties would be a win/win. Undoubtedly I would end up with a new, stunning piece of furniture and I would feel like I’ve really done something (rather than just buying something). Of course, finding just the right top and figuring out the stabilizing structure will be no easy task. But there’s still nothing quite as rewarding as rolling up your sleeves and working with your own two hands. Catherine Rampell and her outsourcing theories be damned!

Find them on Cushion Chicago’s Krrb corner. $80.

  • cushionchicago

    Cheers! Thanks, Krrb! They really are great! They’ve tempted me for years to make something … I just never have!