I Want This – Cookie Tin Ukelele in Brooklyn

cookie tin uke

Imagine how cute you'd look on stage (or on the subway platform, for that matter) playing this baby!

Now I know that $160 is a lot to spend on an instrument for a small kid, but I am really tempted to buy this ukelele for my daughter, who has demonstrated a strong love for the instrument. And the toy one she has is just that, a toy, and doesn’t play the actual chords, etc.

So I’m thinking it’s time to get her an upgrade. Who knows what Mozart-esque talents are just laying there, dormant, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself? And this is the coolest uke I’ve seen out there, by far.

If any of you have a hankering for this underrated instrument, go to Great Plains Handmade Instrument’s corner and check out what’s on offer…


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