I Want This — Brushed Steel File Coffee Table


I Want This — Brushed Steel Flat File Coffee Table

As someone who had been on the search for a great coffee table for nearly two years, I really have an appreciation for when a special piece pops up on my radar. This awesome flat file coffee table addresses the classic need for combining storage with a usable surface – and does it with some style! It’s got a great look about it with the brushed steel finish and the glass top. But I also love that it’s plenty wide, and can accommodate everything from tasty snack smorgasbord during the World Cup final to a heated game of Monopoly with friends. The flat-file drawers are super nice for things like photos, magazines, records, board games, or really anything that you wouldn’t want to fold or stuff in a closet.

And it’s mobile! There’s only one thing better than a big heavy industrial piece of furniture, and that’s one that’s easy to move. I’d roll this thing all over the apartment and try different configurations. The glass top also offers a lot of possibilities. Maybe a big print of a favorite art piece slid under the glass? This thing has so much going for it.

Find this Brushed Steel Flat File Coffee Table on Krrb. $985.


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