I Want This — Art Deco Fan


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Photo: Krrb.com/BuyBeforeYouDie

With teases of warm weather, I’m suddenly remembering the heat of an NYC summer. Since my kitchen ceiling fan stopped working a couple years ago, I’ve been suffering in silence. Instead of eating out way too much this summer, I’m hoping to cook a bit, and a fan would encourage me to do so. I’ve always been a fan (get it?) of vintage fans but find that most are overpriced, nonfunctional or both. This gem out of Chicago is a real find and what’s more, it works! Maybe someday I’ll get up the guts to fix my overhead fan but until then, and even after, art deco fan, you are perfect.

Stay cool with this Art Deco Fan from Krrb seller BuyBeforeYouDie. $75.


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