I Want This — Antique Bicycle Taxi



Bicycling is one of the fun, while still eco-friendly ways to get around your city. Just yesterday I was watching as couples strolled through the park together on one bike—the girl awkwardly sitting on the back rack holding on for dear life. That’s why I want this antique bike taxi! Think of how cool I will look riding up to any date I have in NYC in this bad boy. Walk to our destination? Take a cab? No way! I’ll pedal us the whole way there. Apparently, this bike taxi is so antique that it’s not meant to be functional anymore but we’ll see about that!

  • ChariCycles

    We love it! Perhaps we could try and make you one- we normally add baskets to our upcyclcled bicycles- but this seems like a fun project we would be willing to take on:) Check us out and let us know ChariCycles.com