I Want This – A trip to DC and Paris


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Paris, DC and a free apartment swap.

A cafe in Paris, a Paris apartment ready for swapping, and an outdoor in market in DC.

Not only do I want a weekend away in DC, I want one in Paris, too. Is that so much to ask for?

In DC, I would hit up the abundance at the Georgetown Market, then pop over to the

Eastern Market for my fill of crafts and edibles like crab cakes and fresh veg. I’d also like to hit up some vintage stores and nice restaurants while I appreciate the history of my nation’s capitol.

Mmm… Paris! Obviously I’ll probably just live at Les Puces because it’s the biggest market in the world, and spend time getting fat at the many open air food markets and corner bakeries filled with baguettes. Have you ever even had a Nutella-filled crepe??

If only I had a place in DC to swap for one in Paris, I’d be a happy traveler. But if you have a place in DC and you’re trying to head over to Paris, I suggest you reach out because this offer to swap isn’t going to last.

Stroll on over to Paul David Kahn’s post and make a deal.

Paris photo courtesy of info-wars.org
Washington DC photo courtesy of restlesslifesyndrome.com

  • This apartment looks great and it is in an awesome neighborhood of Paris! If you do live in D.C. you should totally think of swapping apartments with Paul as this is a great opportunity and spring in Paris is the best time to come!!!