I Want This – A sunny day in Raymond, Maine


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corner barn camp

Is just a little sunshine too much to ask for?

It has been raining here in Brooklyn for the better part of the past two weeks now. It’s almost like we’re living in rainy-a** Portland, Oregon, but without the beauty, mellowness, reasonable prices and easy-peasy standard of living that comes with the dampness. I mean, there have already been 86 days of rain in that town since January!

What gives, mother nature? Did we do something wrong? Are you worried that the umbrella industry isn’t making enough revenue?

Good people, do you think that if we all just go to the deliciousmusings corner on Krrb, we can reverse this soggy trend?

  • Damascus

    Wow I can’t believe so much rain! That must be so oppressive in such a city. I hope it starts getting warmer and drier for you guys!

  • Brooke Williams

    They say the sun is coming out on Thursday, my friend. Fingers crossed!

  •  I’ve traveled 13 thousands kilometers (8000 miles) to skip autumn in Argentina and seems the weather traveled with me!!!

    I want the sunny days people promised me, c’mon New York!