How to Start Your Own DIY Club


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Supper Club? Book Club? Nah. DIY Club? YES!

Supper club requires that you cook, and who really want to talk about symbolism and character foils at book club—so why not get together to do what we all love to do: gorge on chardonnay and chocolate while creating some crafty DIY projects?

You know, the ones we all admired in our favorite blogs and on Pinterest, but rarely had the confidence or the drive to actually tackle. That night, our group of eight or so ladies made a promise to get together monthly and handcraft unique and usable décor, trinkets, jewelry and knick knacks—with each project coming in at $25/person, max.

I hosted first, which meant selecting the craft and picking up the materials. After scouring every lifestyle blog I could find I landed on these DIY Marbled Jewelry Trays, perfect for holding rings, change and more!

Photos: Heather Talbert Photography

Photos: Heather Talbert Photography

One very large purchase at JoAnn Fabrics later, we gathered in my kitchen and got to work. As is usually the case the pictures made it seem simple, whereas in real life, it’s pretty challenging to get oven-bake clay to look like marble. We had a mishap that involved the oven overheating (and thus the clay burning), but hey, it was our DIY debut and it was to be expected. Pictured are those pretty enough to deserve gilding from the gold pen. Everything else went into the trash, along with several empty bottles of wine.

For our next challenge, we decided to scale it back a bit and make these easy-but-cute geode bottle toppers.


For these, what you see is what we got, meaning wine corks, glue and geodes. Yes, we still managed to make some mistakes (turns out, patience is crucial and you really do have to let the suckers dry before handling), but in the end, we all went home with three accessories we all use and love to look at.


Most recently, we decided to stick with the “easy-but-cute” theme and whip up some chalkboard-dipped coasters. The only real risk here was the use of black paint (always potentially dangerous) and the need for patience (again, both glue and paint dry only after time), but we sailed through this one with ease.


All it took was some ceramic tile, painter’s tape and chalkboard paint to create these customizable coasters. Now your guests can write their name on their coaster in chalk! They look great too!


So yes, it really is that easy. All it takes is a group of crafty individuals with a willingness to get a little dirty while fumbling through projects. Stay tuned for our next project—we’re thinking either this marble serving tray or some hand-stamped jewelry.

If you live in Chicago, you’re welcome to join us. And if you don’t, it might just be time to start you own local chapter!


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