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Golden Calf Brooklyn

Golden Calf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Krrb was created for people-to-people commerce and it is our belief that local shop owners are people too! If you have a local shop for secondhand, vintage, handmade, art, design, craft, artisanal foodmaking or similar, then Krrb is for you

Local shops – Get your neighbors in the door. If you have a local shop for secondhand, vintage, handmade, art design, craft or edibles, join us! You can use Krrb as a way to display new inventory, announce a sale, promote an event or even create a coupon for your neighbors. Just as long as you don’t post anything mass produced (unless it is secondhand).

Services – Let your neighbors know that you provide local services such as design, photography, gardening, catering, etc. Most people no longer know where to look for these types of services and would love to know that their next door neighbor could help them out!

Markets – Don’t have your own storefront? Maybe you’re a vendor in a flea market or simply sell from your home or stoop? Perfecto. What better way to get people visiting you at your booth or street corner then displaying your wares on Krrb!

All posts are displayed in our elegant and visual listings and on your own personalized corner – think of it as your storefront on Krrb. And best of all, listings on Krrb are extremely search-engine friendly.

Krrb allows you to connect with your customers online—taking advantage of all that the Internet has to offer—while retaining a personal and face-to-face relationship.

Connect with your neighbors

Every Thursday at 11am EST, subscribed Krrb members get a personalized email digest of the posts near them. So if you post to Krrb regularly, your posts will end up in your neighbors email inbox regularly. Pretty cool eh?

And did we mention that it’s free? For this same service using a website such as Groupon.com or Livingsocial.com, you’d end up paying a few thousand dollars. Hmmm.

Join Krrb for free

If you are not already a member, join now. It’s free, easy and takes only a few seconds. We don’t take commissions off your sales and there is absolutely no advertising.

Business corners

A business corner on Krrb is just like any other personal corner, but you do have a few extra options specially made for you.

Business corner on Krrb

Here’s how it works:

1 — About Me

On your about me settings, check “I represent a business” and enter your business name. Write a short description about your business, add your website, a phone number and a picture of your shop or your logo.

2 — My Corner

On your my corner settings, add your business name as your corner alias so that you have a custom web address on Krrb (e.g. Krrb.com/mycompanyname). Then set your corner address so people know where you’re located. Here you can add address notes, business hours, booth number, etc.

3 — Privacy Preferences

On Krrb, we obscure everyones address for safety. However, as a business, you might want to disable this feature so that people can see your exact address. To do this, go to your preferences settings and uncheck the “Enable privacy” option.

4 — Connect to Social Networks

You can connect to Facebook/Twitter – making it that much easier to publish your posts for your friends and followers to see. And for your added convenience, you can now login via Facebook.

Important: Don’t forget to verify your email address so that if one of your customers responds to your posts, you can reply in a timely manner.

5 — Post Regularly

Posting on Krrb is easy and if you already have an e-Shop, Etsy store or if you are selling on eBay, then you already have everything you need (e.g. pictures, titles, descriptions and tags). Post all your products or just some signature ones.

Important: If you post or relist before Thursday at 11am EST, everyone near you will get a personalized Weekly Digest that includes your stuff. How cool is that?

6 — Spread the Word

Let your customers know that you are on Krrb. Share your Krrb corner on Facebook and Twitter. Include it in your email newsletters and on your website. Soon we will create website badges and downloadable print material to help with promotion.

7 — Get Featured

Once your corner is looking good, get in touch with us so that we can feature your business on Krrb and on our blog!

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in touch.

Check em out

Here are a few corners of members who are selling their goods on Krrb.

Businesses and markets

Film Biz Recyling (Gowanus, Brooklyn)
Sprout Wellness (Brooklyn)
Glasses and Glamour (Park Slope, Brooklyn)
Fifth Shop Girl (Manhattan)
Rebekah Brooks (Northampton, Massachusetts)
Antiques and Collectibles (Manhattan)
Fille De Joie (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Meow Meow Tweet (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Luis Fernando Restoration (Manhattan)
Booth 4 (Manhattan)
Golden Calf
(Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Birdhouse Jewelry (Brooklyn)
Vintage modern (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Laurel Crown (San Mateo, California)
Bkny Clothing (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
Wayward Seamstress (San Francisco, California)
Brooklyn Vintage Bicycles (Marine Park, Brooklyn)
Nellie Appleby (Key West, Florida)
Retro Schmetro (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn)
Love Heylola (Peoria, Illinois)
I was made (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

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