How To Be A Local Hero


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Anyone can be a local hero and we don’t mean the cape-wearing, identity-hiding, chest-puffing type. Sure, flying and X-Ray vision are awesome super powers, and if you got ’em, flaunt ’em. (If you need help in that department, perhaps check out the Super Hero Supply Store.) But let’s say you’re looking for something more realistic. How do you accomplish this? Sure, you could spend your time waiting for a toddler to fall down a well, or a whale to beach, or you can secure your standing in the community as a hero by doing just practical, everyday things. Follow these few simple steps to become the next hero who everyone wants kissing their babies.

Identify Your Passion

Adam West as Batman and Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

Adam West as Batman and Yvonne Craig as Batgirl.

Will you be an environmental crusader, also known as the best neighbor ever? Or are animals your thing? Is education an important topic to you, or perhaps gardening, or maybe food issues are what occupies the ol’ noggin? Figure out where your interests lie and focus on how you can help fill a need in that particular area.

Fill a Need

Artwork by The Marvellini Brothers, created from vintage portraits digitally embellished with super hero accessories.

Artwork by The Marvellini Brothers, created from vintage portraits digitally embellished with super hero accessories.

In order to become a hero, you need to solve a problem. Take your identified passion, and figure out where there is a need. Focus your attention on who or what needs help? You can then tackle the issue by bringing in some sidekicks because there’s strength in numbers.

Find A Sidekick or Two

Image from The Phantom from 1943

Image from The Phantom from 1943

There’s no I in hero. Find some friends or some partners that can help be a resource when solving the problem you’re looking to tackle. If education is what you’re focusing on, maybe rallying a group of tutors who volunteer their time is how you can help. Because you aren’t going to do all that tutoring yourself, now are you? If you want to rescue animals in a shelter, you can’t realistically adopt all the three-legged dogs in there, no matter how much you think they are the most awesome thing in the world. You are going to need some families who also want to bring home some furry friends.


The Marvellini Brothers

The Marvellini Brothers

Identified your passion? Check. Targeted the problem? Done. Got some partners? Yep. Now it’s time to put your plan into action. If you start small, your goal will be easier to reach. Plus, you can always build on the successes. This might mean that if your plan is to become the local hero of neighborliness, then start one block at a time. With one block, you can fill your schedule with even just a seasonal block party, a monthly neighborhood street clean up and a spring garage sale or two. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Recruit Other Heroes

Screenshot from the 1940's film, The Minute Men.

Screenshot from the 1940’s film, The Minute Men.

Tell people about your success. It’s ok to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Your personal victories are sure to inspire others to become local heroes as well. You can literally never have too many. Pretty soon, you’ll be a full blown super hero squad.

  • Kailyn Nicole Topper

    Completely agree. One of my favorite quotes is “think globally, act locally”. You may not be able to change the entire world, but if you have passion and a mission you can make a difference in your community. There is obviously so many ways to do it, but it’s really just about living in a way that fulfills needs (even if it’s just for a reason to smile) and positively influences people. I hope to achieve this in my own life!

  • Volunteering for a good cause, walking/pledging to a respectable cause or charity can be very heroic. You just have to find a way to give back :)

  • MAlex

    There are other ways that someone can be considered a local hero. A kids dad who coached a baseball team might looked as a role model to the youth as someone who helps guide hem and keep them off the streets by giving them something postive to do. Or a kid mig consider his father a hero because of his fathers ability to take care of his family and be a family man. There are many forms of heroism.