How To: Be a Good Neighbor

Mr Rogers, the ultimate in friendly neighbor. Won't you be?

Mr Rogers, the ultimate in friendly neighbor. Wontchya be?

Everyone lives somewhere and no matter where that is, you have a neighbor, near or far. You may love where you live or wish you were somewhere completely different, either way, everyone wants to feel safe and connected. By being neighborly, you increase your sense of security and home pride, as well as your chances of being green, which makes everyone’s neighborhood everywhere a better place to be.

Below are 15 easy ways to be a gold star neighbor. Find out how.

Who DOESN'T want to be there?

Who DOESN'T want to be at this block party?

1. Organize a block party. Form a planning committee and distribute responsibilities such as food, music and kid-appropriate activities. And of course, get a permit to shut down your street.

2. Join a local group! Explore though Meetup or bulletin boards at community centers, grocery stores or coffee shops  to find out who is meeting when and where.

3. Pool your resources. It’s a great way to be neighborly and be green. Try car pooling to the store, sharing extras from your garden or trading what you have a surplus of for something else you need. Krrb allows you to find neighbors to trade with so that’s a good place to start.

4. Get a kid or a dog. No really. You’ll be shocked at how they lead to friendly conversations and pleasantries.

5. Sit on your stoop or front porch. Look around, notice the details, and enjoy your neighborhood. Don’t forget to smile at passers-by.

6. Pay attention to local politics.
These are the people that are still in touch with the citizens and will one day be head honchos. Get to them now with your ideas, needs and feedback.

Now thats neighborly.

Now thats neighborly.

7. Having a party? Invite your neighbors. Or at least give them warning about the guests and noise your party will no doubt rock out.

8. Get involved with a local charity. Maybe they need your money or maybe they need your time, either way, find out how you can help!

9. Join or volunteer at your local CSA.
You’ll be supporting community agriculture and mingling with other nutrition and green conscious neighbors. We got the skinny on that!

10. Buy from your local shops! What you’re looking for can probably be bought closer to home than you think, so why not support some local independent businesses?

Put some plants outside your house!

11. Put out some plants. The front of your house, building or store will look that much nicer with them. Or find a community garden to join and grow with your neighbors. Check out these tips on Growing 101.

12. Read your local blogs. There are thousands of niche blogs covering your neck of the woods. Find them and bookmark them. Even better, make comments and send story ideas!

13. Have a stoop sale, garage sale or yard sale. Get your neighbors involved to throw one together. Check out our 10 tips on how to be a master seller.

14. Don’t walk around with your nose in your phone. We all do it, but try and look around when you’re outside. You’ll remember what you love about where you live.

15. Smile at your neighbors!

Now you know how to be the best neighbor possible. By putting in just a little bit of effort, you will be contributing towards your neighborhood being and staying an awesome place to be for you, your friendly, family, and neighbors. Won’t you be my neighbor?

What do you do to create a neighborly environment? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • In social life, in fact we have mutual respect and mutual tolerance. Because we were there surrounding neighbors is the most closest relatives of the brothers we are.

  • Dont you have an facebook i like button on your website, or i just dont see it? Had want to click on it, but now i go for short time to the sea. Dont tell anybody, my friend.

  • Thanks! It’s funny how such little things go such long ways, right?

  • Attending a graduation party at a neighbor’s last weekend, a group of us were saying how fortunate we felt to have such great neighbors. The sister of the party’s host chimed in by saying, “You guys are so lucky. In my neighborhood, nobody smiles, waves, or even looks up when you drive by…”
    These are great suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome!

  • Fred would be proud!  Our street is an emergency route, so we annually crash the block party the next one over.  We do a lot of Tip #5–hello friendly passersby!

  • nice!

  • haha. yeah, the kid thing kinda had me chuckling too. hehe.

  • Van

    All EXCELLENT tips that I need to follow! I have to admit the “Get a Kid” part made me laugh! Let’s go to the “Kid Store” and adopt some ;) I plan to walk around my lovely neighborhood and get to know it and the people within it better.