How To Be a Good Neighbor on Krrb


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How To Be a Good Krrb Neighbor


Don’t let this Wednesday go by without taking some time to do something nice for your neighbor. September 28th, better known as National Good Neighbor Day, was originally introduced as a national holiday by President Jimmy Carter in the 1970’s. It’s observed by folks around the country as way to celebrate the friendship, understanding and respect between neighbors that build communities from the ground up. Taking some time today to acknowledge and appreciate your neighbors can help strengthen any acquaintance into a lifelong friendship.

Here at Krrb, we know first-hand the benefits of being neighborly when it comes to buying and selling locally. After all, Krrb is modeled from the warm and engaging experience you get at your neighborhood flea market. So it is any surprise that a friendly face, speedy online replies, and positive feedback can mean the difference between a one-time sale and repeat business? Keep reading to find out how to be a better neighbor on Krrb in 5 easy steps.

How To Be a Good Neighbor on Krrb


1. Be Friendly

It’s easy to lose that one-on-one personal interaction when the conversation takes place entirely online. So to help combat the detached and strictly-business nature of buying and selling, we recommend taking the extra time to be personable and cheerful. Get to know the other member. Ask about the history of the item. Work together to reach an agreement that works for everyone’s time constraints and responsibilities. Keep in mind that while there are professional sellers on Krrb, the majority of our members only sell a few items a year. Remembering to be patient and considerate not only shows that you’re fully committed to the sale, but that you’re a solid community player as well.

2. Respond Timely

No one likes to be ignored and the same rule applies to Krrb inquiries too. Every time you receive a new message, our “You’ve Got Mail!” notifications are sent immediately to your personal email account so that you can stay updated on any interest in your listings. Replying within the first 24 hours keeps the initial momentum going forward which will help secure a sale. The longer you take between replies, the greater the probability the buyer or seller will lose interest and move on. Responding in a timely manner to all messages also keeps your Response Rate and Response Time member stats high and enticing for future buying and selling activity.

We know first-hand the benefits of being neighborly when it comes to buying and selling locally. After all, Krrb is modeled from the warm and friendly experience you find at your neighborhood flea market.

3. Share Listings

When it comes to spreading the word about Krrb, there’s no simpler way than to share what makes Krrb special—our member’s listings. If you come across a really unique item, take some time to post it to your Facebook wall, pin it to your Pinterest board, or tweet it on Twitter. Sharing listings broadcasts that item to potential local buyers in your followers or friends list. And the more interest in Krrb means a growing membership base that may end up buying and selling from you. Get the word out and support local sellers!

How To Be a Good Neighbor on Krrb


4. Rate Conversations

At the bottom of every conversation thread is the option to confidentially rate your interaction with a happy, neutral, or sad face. While the receiving member won’t be able to see your personal rating, it automatically gets factored into their overall member standing. This allows members to freely rate the transaction, providing helpful feedback on the experience. Rating conversations also helps Krrb’s Member Support team to keep an eye on interactions and reach out to members with low member ratings keeping our classifieds full of quality members and listings.

5. Report Inappropriate Listings

Every day Krrb’s Member Support team checks the site for listings that are inappropriate or break Krrb’s listing policies. Do your neighborly part and report any listings or messages that you come across. Every time you file a report, Krrb Member Support launches an investigation into the posting member. Keeping us abreast of any spammy or scammer-like activity helps fight fraud and protect other members.


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