How-to — 10 Party Tricks To Impress Your Friends


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No matter how great the party is, there’s bound to be a quiet moment or two throughout the night. Use these pauses between conversational topics to practice some sleight of hand. We’ve rounded up of the top 10 coolest tricks to show your buds using things you just have laying around. Start practicing so you can be the hit of the party!

Dinner Party — Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds

Store this away for the next Italian pasta and garlic bread night.

Poker Night Party — Read Minds With Some Playing Cards

An oldie, but a goodie.


Birthday Party — Balance A Coin On A Dollar Bill

Who says balancing finances can’t be fun?

Picnic Party — Split an Apple in Half Using Only Your Hands

Superhuman strength not required.

Cocktail Party — Turn Water into Whiskey

No distillation needed!

House Party — Solve Any Rubik’s Cube with 2 Moves

Show off your inner nerd.

Wine Tasting — Support A Wine Glass using Only A Piece of Paper

Practice this one at home first.

Rooftop Party — Coin Trick That Fooled Einstein

Guaranteed to make your smartest friends confused.

Superbowl Party — Freeze A Beer Instantly

From cool to icy cold before your eyes.

Cookout — Steal the Flame on a Zippo

Lighter tricks are the old standby.

What cool party tricks did we miss? Let us know how you amaze your friends in the comments below. And be sure to shop Krrb for party supplies.


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