Hometown Heroes — Superhero Supply Co. in Park Slope, Brooklyn


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Photo: Mlkshk.com

Photo: Mlkshk.com

Nestled between a farm-to-table restaurant and a local coffee bean shop on Park Slope’s 5th Avenue, you can pick up your invisibility spray and other superhero gear. Stocked with everything from secret identities to mind readers and x-ray glasses, The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is a whimsical front for their real business, a children’s creative workshop and tutoring program run by non-profit organization 826NYC. Proceeds from the sales of items such as capes, anti-matter and other sprays and bottles directly benefit the free programs for children.

Every day children ages 6-18 march past the Devillianizer and the Capery station (complete with a fan for testing your cape’s movement) to a secret lair where the true community defenders work. Drop-in tutoring, field trips, writing and film workshops and more are geared to drawing out the creativity in students. Peppered with sofas, the cozy back room has bookshelves lined with published works from supporters of 826NYC including founder Dave Eggers and student publications.

The ingenuity isn’t restricted to the back room of the Brooklyn shop. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is one of eight chapters of 826 National with fun storefronts include the Boring Store in Chicago and robot and pirate suppliers in Ann Arbor and San Francisco. With over 50 kids from all boroughs receiving after-school attention, the Brooklyn branch has spread their programs over to the Williamsburg library to accommodate more little superheroes in the making.

Visit the Shop

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
372 5th Ave New York, NY 11215
(718) 499-9884
The shop is run by volunteers so call ahead before visiting.


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