Holiday Gifting — Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages


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Photo Credit: Awkard Family Photos

Photo Credit: Awkard Family Photos

Getting gifts for your (or somebody else’s) kids can be nerve wracking! Will they forever remember this holiday as “The Time I Got that Lame Brown, Itchy Lopsided Scarf From My Parents?” Fear not! Krrb is here to help you sort it all out!

Animal lovers

Framed Animal Prints


For the kid who prefers their animals styled like rebel leaders or members of the Black Eyed Peas. These prints will light up the receiver’s eyes. $50.

Monkey in Rabbit Robe


This is a very lovable, curly haired monkey with a silk rabbit robe. Special extra bonus is the straw hat. He’s in perfect condition. $30.

Narwhal Mobile


Designed to evoke the hues and textures of a stony seashore, a handmade narwhal flits around with three fish friends, one of them a lighthearted version of a Humpback Anglerfish. $155.

Handmade Triceratops Dinosaur Toy


This toy will bring out the kid in anyone. Handmade cedar body with poplar legs. Pick it up for the dino lover in your home. $27.95.

Vintage Tiger Toy


An antique tiger toy is in mint condition with hand-painted details. The beautiful craftsmanship will outlast even the rowdiest of children. $180.

Vintage Gifts for Kids

Vintage Toy Fawn


Adorable, irresistible flocked fawn. $9.

Vintage One Drawer Desk with Matching Chair


Hand crafted to withstand time, and kids no less! Up for grabs is a vintage child’s desk and matching chair. The desk features a single drawer and casters built into the desk’s legs, which make it easy for your little tike to move it and feel like the big boy/girl that they are! $250.

Vintage Sealed Star Wars Topps Candy Containers


Get your kids into the original before JJ Abrams improves or ruins it! $18.

Repurposed Buddy L Van With Edison Light Bulb


Flashback to the 1970’s with this fun little nightlight. Conversation piece for any group and especially appreciated by car enthusiasts and hippies! $45.

1940’s Erector Set Box


Oh my gosh, how great is this?! It is the “Set No. 8 1/2” Erector Set. It says it was “Developed at the Gilbert Hall of Science.” This listing is just for the box, which is in amazing shape! Your kids can put their legos in it! $24.

Fashionable Kid

Garden Rose Shirt


Check out these one-of-a-kind, handmade baby long-sleeve shirts! $18.

Blue Onesie With Vest and Bow Tie


How handsome will your little boy look strutting this dapper outfit! It’s sewn all-in-one which means no fuss! The blue and white print is a vintage cotton. $24.

Knit Bear Hat


Ensure that your kid is the cutest on the block with this whimsical bear hat! Hats are available in newborn, toddler and adult sizes. $25.

Brooklyn Junior Corduroy Dress


Adorable green corduroy dress patterned with friendly daises make even the coldest winter days feel like spring for your little one! $28.95.

Brooklyn Junior Hooded Sweatshirt


Amazing soft cotton in a unique pattern for your little hipster. Get this hooded sweatshirt stat! $54.95.


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