Holiday Gift Guide — Give a Cheery Pop of Color


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Holiday Gift Guide — Give a Cheery Pop of Color


In the design world, the phrase ‘pop of color’ is cliché. The professionals don’t believe in painting one wall red. Having an accent wall is like having a sulking sibling in the house. It belongs, but it could use a major attitude adjustment.

Rather than betraying a lack of original thought with that single colored wall, interior designers will introduce color to a room with transient details. A bowl of clementines on the living room table, a yellow apron handing on the kitchen wall and a 1950’s baby blue kettle on the stove all do the trick at pleasing the eye and spirit. These gifts offer more than just a pop of color in your life. They bring character and history as well.

  • Chrissy

    I’m all about neutrals, but one of my 2016 resolutions is to start introducing more color into my home and wardrobe! Have you decided on any fun colorful pieces you want to add to your house?!

  • Jars

    I’m so drawn to pops of color! I’m trying to go through each room of my house and make visual focal interest.