Hit the Road — Sweet and Savory Healthy Snacks for Car Trips


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On the Road — Sweet and Savory Healthy Snacks for Traveling

Photo: Unsplash.com/@juandinella

There’s nothing like exploring the unknown with a tank full of gas, a great playlist and some treats for snacking. You can stockpile chips, Slim Jims and more at the next pitstop but let’s be honest, it’s not a friendly option for your wallet or your waistline. We’ve pulled together some savory and sweet snacks you can whip up faster than hitting cruise control. Read on to pick up some recipes sure to hit the spot while you’re on the move.

Black Bean Hummus

Photo: Lucilleroberts.com

Photo: Lucilleroberts.com

This no-brainer black bean hummus recipe is a travel friendly, satisfying treat. The protein punch of the black beans will keep you fueled past the next pitstop. Just fill up a jar with hummus and another jar with carrot sticks, cumcumber spears and celery stalks and place them within hand’s reach in the car’s cupholders.

Main ingredients: black beans, tahini, lime juice, olive oil, ground cumin, jalapeño pepper.

Energy Bars

Photo: Dramaticpancake.com

Photo: Dramaticpancake.com

Load up on homemade energy bars before you head out the door. Cheaper, healthier and tailored to your taste, these energy bars will sustain you for the long road. We’ve even got a minute-long quick tip to show you how easy it is.

Main ingredients: assorted nuts, dates, nut butter, honey, dried fruit.

Kale Chips

Photo: Thechalkboardmag.com

Photo: Thechalkboardmag.com

When you’re trying to cover some ground, it’s easy to eat a bag of potato chips without blinking. Satisfy your need for crunch with homemade cheesy kale chips. This simple recipe can be adapted to your needs. Want some heat? Sprinkle on some cayenne or crushed red pepper before baking.

Main ingredients: kale, olive oil, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.

Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini

Photo: Steamykitchen.com

Photo: Steamykitchen.com

Never mind those tired ham and cheese sandwiches. Take 5 minutes to whip up homemade ricotta and spread it on some crostini. Top it off with a touch of honey and a piece of prosciutto. This tasty bite offers a bit of everything; creamy, salty, sweetness and crunch. So luxurious in flavor, you’ll forget you’ve been using public restrooms for days.

Main ingredients: ricotta, prosciutto, bread, honey.

Cornish Pasties

Photo: Pastrycraftseattle.com

Photo: Pastrycraftseattle.com

Think there’s no time for a meat and potato rib-sticking meal when you’re behind the wheel? Think again. If British miniers used to eat these cornish pasties on the go while working in the mines, then you can easily snack on one while you drive. Jamie Oliver has a recipe that makes our mouths water.

Main ingredients: pastry dough, grass-fed beef, potatoes, onion, carrots, rosemary and thyme.

What about you? What kind of snacks are you eating on the road?

  • Anani

    Hummus with anything is pretty much the best tasting meal ever. Kale chips look very interesting. I’ll have to try that one of these days. I’m constantly going on road trips. These healthy snacks have been noted :)

  • These are great ideas–I’ll be driving across the country in September-definitely keeping these in mind!!

  • Black bean hummus is a great idea and I’ve always loved kale chips but have never tried cheese on them! Sounds delicious. Thanks for the great ideas!