Hand Me Down — Olivia Crandall of Chicago’s Hunt and Harvest


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Hand Me Down — Olivia Crandall of Chicago's Hunt and Harvest

Photos by Olivia Crandall

Dedicated to weekend baking and of-the-moment internet finds, Olivia Crandall is the 25-year-old mind behind Hunt and Harvest. Her minimalist blog features Olivia’s weekly harvests, small collections of the best in fashion, music, culture and art, and her Instagram is spilling over with snapshots of Chicago’s best (food and scenery included). Olivia is making us hungry for a good read, an afternoon of vintage shopping and a peanut butter blondie.

Hand Me Down — Olivia Crandall of Chicago's Hunt and Harvest

Hi Olivia! What is your favorite hand-me-down at the moment? And why is it special to you?
This Western-esque belt I have from the 1980’s. It makes everything look cooler. Also, I love imagining my mom wearing it to go dancing back before I was born.

Who gave you the belt?
My mom gave it to me a few years ago. The truth is that I kept borrowing it so many times she eventually just passed it along permanently.

How do you feel when you look at this belt?
I love the idea of a belt as some kind of warrior totem, like in the vein of boxing championship belts or super heroes.

Is it part of a collection?
Nope. One perfect belt is worth way more than a bunch of just okay ones.

Do you plan to pass this item to someone else in the future?
If only my unborn daughter would be so lucky!

Thanks Olivia!


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