Hand Me Down – Jessica Blackman’s Tank Top


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Jessica Blackman is that cool kid who showed up to work at Krrb one day in a casual sweatshirt. We all like to lounge about here, and so the sweatshirt wasn’t the spectacle – just a noble nod to office culture. The following day, however, she returned in the same sweatshirt, minus the sleeves. When questioned, Jessica responded the only way a Krrb muse can.

“What?  It’s a totally different outfit. I cut off the sleeves.” Totally different indeed, and now Jessica is back with another sleeveless beauty. In celebration of hand-me-downs, Krrb has the great honor of introducing you to Jessica Blackman’s favorite one, her mother’s tank top.

Behold: Old Faithful

Hey Jessica! Tell us a bit about this favorite piece of yours.

I have this ratty, unusable tank top of my moms from the early 80’s. If it were in working condition it would be my favorite thing to wear, but the material just didn’t hold up to the times. I was able to make it work while I was a teen, but it’s just too ripped at this point. It’s incredibly soft, and you could imagine Farrah Fawcett rocking something like it in the late 70’s.

The top is awesome! Did your mom give it to you? 

Yes and no. My mom was probably just throwing it out, and I snatched it. My mom is the opposite of a hoarder. She owns about 7 boxes of books, a small closet of clothes and her possessions pretty much end there. It makes it hard to receive many hand-me-downs that have any nostalgia. She doesn’t hold on to things long enough for them to get old or bear much meaning for her.

So the two of you are the perfect match. How old were you when you saved it from her ‘toss’ pile?

I was probably fifteen or sixteen years old, and I thought it was the raddest thing around. Not everyone was doing vintage or secondhand at the time – no one was scouring Salvation Army, yet – so it was unique to have something that wasn’t generic, like Gap or Guess.

Where is the tank top now?

I have it in a box in my closet. I showed it to my mom recently, and she was shocked. She didn’t remember that I had it. I think she might have felt an appreciation for a “thing” in that moment.

Success! Do you plan to pass along the top to someone else?

Maybe I’ll pass it along to my daughter with all of my clothes that I’m saving for her.

Sounds like a plan. Jessica, let us know when she’s ready to teach Krrb a thing or two about storied living. 

  • Jars

    I love it when my daughter goes through my closet and drawers and finds clothes I’ve kept for sentimental reasons – those items I know I’ll never wear again, but can’t let go. She usually exclaims over the find and asks how it ended up in my possession and I have a chance to share its story. She goes searching every couple of years or so, and it is so interesting to see her ingenuity and the next chapter of my rejuvenated wardrobe’s life.