[CLOSED] Giveaway — Get a Blue Avocado Lunchbox in Time for School


Giveaway — Get a Blue Avocado Lunchbox in Time for School

As hard as it is for some of us to accept, school is indeed starting up again! The unofficial end of summer is marked by back to school shopping and prepping lunchboxes. Right up there with recess, lunch is every kid’s favorite part of the day! We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite eco-friendly companies, Blue Avocado to give you a chance to win one of their awesome lunchboxes.

The insulated roll top bag—complete with two reusable storage bags—is seriously cool! The click n’ go seal kit (valued at $19.99) has some awesome features like its hook and loop secure tags, which make it super easy to attach to a bike, backpack or anything else. While we’re giddy about the aesthetics of the product itself, our favorite part about Blue Avocado products are how great they are for the environment.

This bag in particular is made up of 50% post-consumer recycled bottle fabric—the equivalent of four recycled plastic bottles—from Repreve. Every aspect of the lunchbox itself and the storage bags are food safe and made from a FDA-grade material, PVC which is both lead and BPA-free.

Take advantage of Krrb’s special promo code krrb20 to get 20% off any purchase on Blue Avocado! Offer ends September 7, 2015.

How to Win a Blue Avocado Lunchbox

Krrb is giving away a Blue Avocado click n’ go seal kit to one of our lucky readers! To enter the contest, comment on this blog post and tell us what you love most about back to school season! For additional entries head on over to our Instagram or Pinterest and follow us. Contest ends at midnight on August 30, 2015. Be sure to mark your entries in the entry form below to be included in this giveaway.

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  • Nancy

    I loved the excitement and promise of a new school year full of learning!

  • HoneyB22

    My kids love back to school and getting back to be with their favorite teachers and friends! Nicole Bowers

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I really like all of the sales on clothes and shoes during back to school.

  • Gina Forrester

    Very cool! My little is in need of a new lunchbox/bag, but I’m thinking Mom and Dad need one too!

  • caryeveryday

    I taught kindergarten for 20 years, and , while I hated saying goodbye to our HUGE family of kids, I must say, I got over that the second I set foot in my classroom again to prepare it for a new group of “thirsty to learn” new, little ones ! There is NOTHING quite like watching 20 + LEARN TO READ!

  • Chantal

    I like the sales on school supplies.

  • mewilde

    My favorite time of year is almost here! I’ve always taken autumn vacations because there are fewer crowds once school is back in session. I am not a parent, so have the freedom of scheduling vacations when I really want or need them. It is a very beautiful time to travel and without the heat of summer.

  • Donna Williams Sharp

    I like the getting back to a schedule school means. Things just go better when there is some organization.

  • amybelle2001

    I love the productivity that occurs at the start of every school season/fall!

  • Donna Goodnow

    My favorite part of back to school was when I was in elementary school, and would come home for lunch. I’d grab my current book and a bunch of grapes and sit with my feet on the radiator, reading. For some reason, there always seemed to be enough time back then, even if it was only a half hour.

  • christophersorel

    for the kids getting a new backpack and supplies is fun. Getting my nights back for me

  • Mindi Maneck

    I’ve always loved back to school ‘season’…which is great for me, since I’m a teacher!

  • Casandra

    I love going back to school. I love the thought of going back to learn new things and also getting a break from my parents lol

  • Melissa

    I don’t have any kids, but I work at a dance studio, and I love seeing all of the kids who are so excited to start a new year of dance classes!

  • Sonja Bartolomei

    August is a month of 100 degree days, wet with humidity. Back to school means that the cool wispy days of Fall are right around the corner. This is when I’ll meet the kids at the bus stop with a bag packed with yummy snacks and drinks and we’ll zoom off for a walk in the woods… pretend we’re pirates or dinosaurs or colonial explorers searching for shelter. I love back to school!

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    The signs of fall… school is back fall leaves are falling..

  • jennfnn

    the learning

  • Natalie

    Knowing that my kids will be learning new things natbelinsky@verizon.net

  • Anita Mitchell

    I loved English and art.

  • Gracie Liblin

    Back to school means cooler weather is on the way and that makes me happy.

  • Kathy Davis

    I like when the kids go back to school they are board with summer and ready to have more to do…

  • vickie marks allbright

    i love when our lil guy goes back to school because i love seeing how excited he gets

  • Melissa.

    I love seeing my friends again

  • Julie Waldron

    My girls are both out of school now, youngest graduated in 2014. I always dreaded back to school time but now I kind of miss it. I miss the daily routine & the drives to & from school. I also miss them being young(er).

  • Ali Celestino

    School shopping, and hair trends

  • Delgado

    I always love how after the heavy summer air, the crisp fall air always seems full of possibility: new opportunities to realize your dreams and the chance to learn things you didn’t understand before. All this with your summer tan, summer weight in your big comfy sweater and jeans.

  • Lud Merka

    I love fall weather and fashions. This is a really cool way to pack lunch.

  • Lainey Sevillano

    This would be perfect! After 8 years of graduating with my BA, I am going back to school this fall to get my MSW! Being on that student budget again would me I would have to pack my own lunch and snacks!

  • Laurie

    I love the excitement of a brand new school year with new teachers, friends and experiences.

  • Rob Johnson

    My wife is a high school teacher and has to be at work ridiculously early so I make lunches for our kids and get them fed and off to school. I’m grateful for this time together with them. They all sleep in during the summer so I actually get to see them more during the school year.

  • I would have to say meeting new teachers, friends and the weather

  • theitis

    Living in a college town, I love the energy that the young people bring to the city every year when classes start again. (It also means that there are a lot more activities and events to do around town–Yay!)

  • the_G_list

    Back to school means fall is coming, and I can’t wait for apple picking!

  • Ginny W

    I love the excitement of starting something new just as the air is getting cooler and starting to smell like fall.

  • Crystal Spencer

    I remember my favorite thing about back to school was getting away from the house. Both my parents worked in education and so when I was home they were home too. LOL