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Leave a comment below about what your favorite thing about the holidays is. Get into the spirit! Cause that’s how you win.

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  • David

    Finding that crazy gift for yourself, while looking for the perfect gifts for your family and friends

  • Ambermarie R

    I like hanging out in my pajamas with the family.  And the cookies.

  • Dbaird

    Baked Alaska, white coconut cake with seven minute icing, russian tea and the kids are home. Heck, even our dog is excited

  • tina

    Each year, we support a different local farmer and head out to cut our Christmas tree. This outing signals the beginning of a season that is focused on food, friends, and family. I especially love unpacking my ornament collection–everything from shiny bulbs that once hung on my grandmother’s tree, to sweet hand made treasures from little ones who are now grown. Tree decorating means slowing down, playing music, reminiscing about bygone days, and focusing on what we have, not what we want. This year, we added a new “tradition,” and had my 80 year old mother come to our small house to bake cookies and share a quiet lunch.

  • trish

    Family, food, fun!

  • Houseofcyn

    i like the holidays,to feed good food to everyone i can.lots of food+love to all.

  • I love time spent with friends and family! 

  • spk

    The Christmas carols and decor; the atmosphere every where from the suburban to the heart of the city; the warm/fuzzy feelings in the air even the temperature is cold; the buzz of holiday shoppers.

  • Anonymous

    I love all the warm, fuzzy feelings spending time with friends and family… 

  • Becca

    My favorite is seeing all the window displays at fancy department stores. 

  • Ashley K

    Kittens walking through the snow…best. thing. ever!

  • Mhaynes

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making things for the people I love!

  • Brandi

    My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating the birth of our savior and being reminded of God’s perfect love for us.  He sent his son, his only son, to die for me.  That is amazing.

  • Howellhomeschool

    My favorite thing about every holiday season has changed as I grow into being a mother,
    With 4 out of six children of mine getting older, we have started to really learn the meaning of giving
    We all agreed to not receive gifts for ourselves, instead
    Thru hand making as many presents we can for as many of our fellow brothers & sisters,
    The true spirit of Christmas has been gracefully shown.
    The feeling of complete love fills us by Christmas day.
    I highly recommend it!
    Wishing Everyone a Blessed Holiday Season full of Love, Laughter & Grace

  • vicki d.

    Handmade gifts! reverse applique t-shirts!!

  • Boconne

    Love being with family!

  • Devon Carson

    My favorite thing about the holidays is that in a big city like Chicago, you can feel the energy change when you are around strangers in public. People are more inclined to be courteous, generous, and cheerful. It’s a palpable change, and I LOVE it.

  • Stephanie

    My favorite thing about the holidays is hunting to find the best gifts for my friends and family. 

  • Zhen

     Fav Thing About the Holiday’s: Festive attire at holiday get togethers with family and friends!

  • I love Krrb!!! Krrb is my favorite thing about the holidays!!!

  • I love Krrb!!! Krrb is my favorite thing about the holidays!!!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part of the holidays is lighting the Chanukah candles with my extended family – no matter what is going on we all kiss everyone else on the cheek after we say the prayers. It can get a little crazy depending how many of my siblings are there (and a bit overwhelming for some guests, lol!).  I also really like decorating the Christmas tree (yes, we celebrate both… always have!) and pulling out ornaments that have been passed down for many generations.  It’s amazing to hang an ornament that I hung when I was 4!

  • MR333

    The best thing about the holidays is time off to spend with the family.

  • Claire13

    My favorite thing about the holidays is that it is an excuse to eat as much as I want. Oh… and being with my family & seeing the kids faces when they get their presents. 

  • Zazu

    the coolest is the excitement & magic in my son; it (kinda) erases the stress of holidays as an adult. ;)

  • vicki d.

    candlelight services. Christmas carols.

  • vicki d.

    Children – happy, innocent little children. they are my favorite things about the holidays.

  • Donny Guy

    My favorite thing is family and the good cheer that spreads from person to person.

  • Cassy Ammen

    Looking forward to visiting with my hometown family and friends.  It’s been a while.

  • Denise

    I like seeing far-flung relatives that I only get to see at Christmastime. And I like picking out toys for the kids and watching them open them up. (Bought thru Amazon, of course! The worst thing about this time of year is mall parking lots and checkout lines!)

  • Lwilde1

    Opening presents on Christmas morning with a good cup of tea.

  • vicki d.

    Handmade Christmas ornaments – made with love and imagination powered by a 5 yr-old grandgirl.

  • Georginapazcoguin

    My favorite thing about the holidays besides seeing family and making a few extra pennies of overtime performing  George Balanchine’s “The Nutcracker” with New York City Ballet, is exploiting the utter hilarious embarrassment of my pooch dressed up as a an elf, Mrs Clause, Rudolf etc.. on custom made Christmas cards!!

  • Steph

    My favorite thing about the holidays are the quiet times when I take a walk outside in the cold, the air smells different, festive somehow, and you meet other people who seem to enjoy the same quiet contemplation and give you a warm smile.

  • my favorite thing about the holidays is definitely watching my girls open their presents on Christmas morning! 

  • amj

    i love the happy, uplifted & kindered spirit of folks during the holidays…in NYC, that’s a huge deal! LOL

  • Amanda

    I love sitting down with my family.  We’ve slowly scaled down our gifts as we’ve gotten older, so presents are a package of paprika from my parents trip to Hungary or small handmade tree ornaments featuring Brooklyn landmarks.

    My sister has my four year-old nephew make gifts for everyone. This year he drew something for each of us on a tea towel. The whole family went to a cabin in the Sierras this summer and so he drew a lot of images of the wood burning stove there, complete with (very, very important) smoke in the chimney).

    Santa came early to our family — someone must have told him we won’t be together on 12/25, so he filled the kids stockings and ate his special cookies while we were together.

  • Cassandra

    My Favourite part of the holidays is Singing Christmas Carrols with the Salvation Army and decorating the tree with Ribbons and Lights with my Baby Brother

  • vicki d.

    Gonna have to say one of my favorite things about the holidays is memories of good times from the past. my sister passed away today and I’m grateful for happy memories of past holidays.

  • Lwilde1

    My favorite thing about the holidays is visiting with family, especially cooking together and eating great meals. A beautiful midnight mass is also something I look forward to.

  • Kerry

    My favorite thing about the holidays is going into the bodega and hearing Bing Crosby crooning to me about chestnuts.

  • Brian

    The Christmas tree hunt!

  • nytheteach

    I enjoy the long hours I spend with co-workers, let’s face it some of us spend more waking time with them, then family. Ouch! However, during the holidays I can’t always afford to gift all of them so I take great pride in coming up with annual WHOLE GROUP gifts. Milk and homemade cookies (w/ whole, skim, and soy milks that invite all), apple cider and donuts, monogramed napkins (dig in and find your letter). This year I’m going with recycled cloth bags & the tag line, “The gift that keeps on giving, thanks for your sustaining cheer!” Is that too corny? Maybe I’ll do the cookies and milk thing again :-)

  • sally

    My favorite thing about the holidays is my birthday 4 days before Christmas [not].

  • Pamela M

    What I love about the holiday is the scent coming from the fresh trees, cinnamon sticks and holiday scents.

  • Rachel Morgan

    My favorite thing about the holidays is probably catching up with family and friends.  Most of my family/friends live so far away that I only see them once a year (sometimes less.)  And yet, we always seem to be able to pick up right where we left off as if no time at all has passed.  Secondary to this, I also love all the holiday goodies and decorations.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas lights.  :) I also LOVE the fact that I can play Christmas songs and it be accepted – unlike when I play them other months of the year.  :0) 

  • Lanaj

    My favorite thing about Christmas is the excitement of  my children when they starting talking about the things they want and then when they have that ah ha moment and worry that someone might not have something and want to share some of their thing with others that don’t have as much as they do. This is when I know that I have done something right. 

  • vicki d.

    Snow days and hot chocolate!

  • brianD


  • That’s some great swag!

  • That’s some great swag! 

  • My favorite part about the holidays is the gift crafting. I love to find the perfect gift for the perfect person and I especially love making the perfect gift. I like to think about the recipient as I’m creating their gift and imagine all of the ways in which they will use it, all the while pouring a little bit of my heart into it. It’s so special to see someone’s face as they open a handmade gift and to see how much it means to them.

  • Laurafaun

    leaving the oven on all day with great smells filling the house, lighting candles and warm, hearty soups on the stoves to share with family and friends

  • lara

    every christmas i think of the sweet old lady back home in alabama that decorated her entire house (inside and out), windows, lawn, and driveway with bright and shining decorations; most of my friends and their mothers would go by with a simple “bless her heart, how tacky” but I consistently begged my mother to stop in a say hello

  • Ejcejcejc

    So many favorite things, but I love two things most: that my mom comes to stay with me and that the phone rings at about 7 a.m. on Christmas morning with my niece and nephew begging us to hurry over!

  • vicki d.

    Holiday love – family, friends, food.

  • Keri Hallau

    Here is my sort of a love-hate about the holidays…  I LOVE the excuse to create homespun gifts and I LOVE to give homespun gifts, but I hate that there are so many other demands to my time during the holidays, so I inevitably end up in ‘Christmas Crafting Crunch Time’.  I have the greatest of crafting ambition, but so little time in which to execute. Sigh. There is always next year, when I’ll sure have more time…right?

  • Alison


  • david rinaldi

    my favorite things about the holidays is re-living them as a child through my kids.

  • Denise Layman

    The joy all the kids have!!

  • The holidays always remind me of the only ‘real’ childhood memories I had: decorating the tree with my father (he passed in 2006 – no more trees for a while (for approx. the past 5 years) but now, I’m starting to renew this tradition to honor the comfort and peace it gave me as a child as well as his memory, as it was always very important to him that we do the tree as a family  – so really, it’s the decoration and the multicolored lights when all the other lights are out for the night. THAT feels like Xmas to me. Also, the love of using antique and vintage beads, etc to create ornaments for my own tree, and as gifts for friends – my father taught me the importance or recycling/up-cycling/re-purposing and reinvention – which I’ve carried over into my jewels/hair accessories line “Harlow In Chains” as well… looking fwd to this Xmas especially – starting over in a new state for 6 months, being close to my fathers family, a great year ahead full of possibilities! THOSE feelings/vibes & passing the love of re-invention on? THOSE feelings are priceless. :)

  • Lux Lifestyle

    family cranium.

  • Vicki D.

    Family and friends. Favorite things. Nothing else comes close.

  • Grace

    My favourite part of Christmas is the carolling, which is a new tradition our family has started since being transplanted here in the USA. We miss our family so much and this group is like our surrogate family. 

  • Welliewalks

    My favorite thing about the holidays is reconnecting with the real reason for it all.  When I actually stop to connect with my faith and the fact that God sent a baby to fix all that is broken in this messed up world!  Amazing!

  • Sarah Ann Hartley

    My favorite thing about the holidays is decorating and being able to share that space with people you love. I also love all the hot chocolate and cuddling that happens on a holiday!!

  • Laurinegilbert

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the sparkle of light against the ornaments and glass wear and shiny ribbons and bows to chase away the darkness of winter.  Sparkles!

  • Sarah B

    One of the things I love about the holidays is giving our cats a gigantic cat toy called a “decorated tree.”

  • Beth

    The season brings us into the shortest days and yet with the celebrating we do with all friends and family, there is big light all around.

  • Anna Preston

    My favorite thing about the holidays is getting a break from school and having the opportunity to catch up on my sleep. I also enjoy visiting with family members I have not seen in a while, especially because being away at college means I am farther from them than usual. The greatest gift is spending time with my family and friends back home.

  • lwz

    my favorite thing about the holiday this year is starting a new tradition of mexican chocolate…thanks to   G. and the workshop at Bookhou in Toronto.  and new hand-stitched AC style stockings will add just the look I want to achieve.  won’t they all be surprised when new stockings get stitched for them all!

  • ldec

    My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family.  This is my baby boys first Christmas. 

  • Stazie

    My favorite thing I love about Xmas is getting together with my friends in NYC iceskating. I love spending time with my family as well listening to Christmas songs drinking egg nog. And not to forget my birthday around the corner! This month couldn’t be any better !

  • drinking hot chocolate while looking at christmas lights in Natchitoches, Louisiana

  • Patricia

    My favorite thing about the holidays is challenging myself to handmake all the gifts each year!

  • Janine

    I love chai tea lattes paired with big deckle-paged books, socks that squeeze your feet just right around the arches, piles of blankets & stashes of yarn, crackling fires, a hand to hold, with a future to dream about :]

  • Sarah

    The lights that remind me soon we will be coming out of the darkness and into the light…

  • Splendidlasydesign

    My childlike holiday spirit has been renewed with my 3-year-old son. I have really enjoyed making home treats and Christmas decorations with him, as well as wrapping gifts in paper bag wrapping and dressing it up with cut outs from old Christmas cards, just like my mother did when I was little.

  • Molly

    Food! Food is my favorite thing about the holidays!

  • cynthia kehl

    my dog passed this summer.please,don’t cry. thinking about going through this first christmas without her would kill me.  morgan was my beloved 15 year pit bull.    and then a cute 2 lb. Chihuahua i named ebi came my way i could not say no,she is mine.so now christmas is full of crazy puppy love,merry christmas and happy holidays to all the puppies in the world.

  • Syeda

    My favorite thing is to make handmade gifts with my kiddos for their teachers and friends. 

  • Alisha

    I’m a big fan of watching the 25 days of Christmas movie specials all month long. it makes me feel like a kid again!

  • My favorite thing is being with my family in Germany this year, drinking good wine while alternating my gaze from the x-mas tree decorated with vintage ornaments to the TV where the old goodies are being shown every year. And if we get snow, which makes everything so quiet and beautiful and reflects all the lights for a magical winter wonderland, it’ll be paradise. Oh, and I also like the “Weihnachtsmarkt” where you can drink punch and buy hand-made arts and crafts, accompanied by the smell of pine. While I love living in L.A., it’s just not the same without the cold and the snow…

  • Kristen

    My favorite things about the holidays is cooking, eating and family.

  • My favorite thing about the holidays are making sugar cookies, brainstorming what to purchase for the family and waking up in the morning of Christmas in PJs and unwrapping presents underneath a gigantic Totoro-like Christmas tree!

  • Shannoncarman

    Seeing and reconnecting with family is my favorite thing about the Christmas season.

  • My favorite part about the holidays…the world seems to move a little bit slower, people calm down and relax and spend more time with family and friends :)

  • Annioneill

    I love the Christmas lights on my house and all the houses in my neighbourhood, they are so cheerful and makes my evening walk feel festive.

  • Mickikibler

    I love making beautiful gifts this time of year (and all times really)!

  • Cartwrightkimber

    My most favorite thing about Christmas is being with family.  Every year we all get to get together to sing Christmas carols.  Some years ago an old gentleman neighbor was slightly tipsy and asked us if we were all going to sing Christmas carrots….yes carrots that year.  We had such a big laugh and that’s what we call caroling to this day carrots.  Hillarious.  Merry Christmas to all. 

  • Abby Wiltse

    my favorite thing about the holidays is sitting with my family on the
    back porch of the house where i was raised. no matter my age, in this
    place i will always be connected to the grace of god and the wonders and
    innocence of childhood.

  • Abby Wiltse

    my favorite thing about the holidays is sitting with my family on the back porch of the house where i was raised. no matter my age, in this place i will always be connected to the grace of god and the wonders and innocence of childhood.

  • Judy

    My favorite thing about the holiday are the memories in the scrapbook of my mind of family members who are no longer with us. Going through pictures from holiday’s past is my favorite!

  • Betty Barrett

    The cooking, the eating, the friends who drop in, the family that comes home, the cards and letters and the wonderful photos! The tree, the lights that twinkle in our yard and up and down our street. The sweet wonder in the faces of our grandchildren when we turn on the lights for the very first time, the fun of making cookies and foods with family. The smell of greenery and the red of Poinsettas at church. Everything!

  • tane

    no school, no work, wood stove blazing, thing just seem more cozy.  

  • Sandra@sandrajohnsonhomes.com

    My favorite thing about the holidays is time all day movie family days. My children and my husband all get the movies they love and we start from early morning to late that same day we look at movie after movie. Eating pop corn, ice cream, cake, and cookies. Also if it is cold we have hot coco and tea.

  • Susan Desprez

    My fave about the end of year holidays is the decorating and the cooking and gathering (does that count as one thing?
    thanks for the gifts!

  • Grego101

    Favorite thing about the holiday is people not being afraid to be nice

  • Anna

    One of my favourite things about the holidays is giving gifts!

  • Anna

    One of my favourite things about the holidays is giving gifts!

  • Anna

    One of my favourite things about the holidays is giving gifts!

  • My favorite thing about the holidays is going up to Seattle where I can bundle up more than I can in Los Angeles. I love it when we’re walking through the streets at night and it’s so cold we have no choice but to break into a run, hand-in-hand, to get to our destination faster. I mostly love staying in on New Year’s Eve, playing dominoes with my in-laws, sipping whiskey sours and watching the fireworks around the Space Needle from their porch after the countdown on the local news station. 

  • Wendy

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the sensory gifts:  the smells (cinnamon, pine trees, cookies), the sights (lights, decor, store displays), the touch (of soft auntie’s cheeks, holding my dad’s hand, and of course kissing under the mistletoe) and the sounds (corny xmas music we’ve heard since we were five especially Nat King Cole).  :)

  • Claudia Manley

    I’m just starting to get into the holiday spirit and I’d have to say – if I have to choose one thing that I love about the holidays it would demonstrating my affection for friends and family through the food I make and the gifts I choose.  It’s the best combination of thought and action, and it makes people happy.

  • Lola

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making gifts for my loved ones.  I love to sew and bake.  I will be sewing dolls for my nieces and baking chocolate biscotti and granola for my family and friends.  Giving makes me happy!

  • Salena

    My favorite part of the holidays is decorating our tree. I would say knitting presents but I’m always rushing to finish something which isn’t much fun!

  • Jefferiesnick

    my favourite part of the holidays is watching my 3yr old daughter’s face as she realises Santa has left presents and opens all the gifts we have bought and made for her

  • Lorraine Aylward

    Best part of my holidays is the party I host for all my family. Each year is a different theme. I have cookie decoration and crafts for my nieces and nephews. They never know what kind of world they’ll be walking into. Rock N Roll, Psychedelic, Renissance, Cabin Christmass to name a few themes from past celebrations. Now in it’s ninth year, most of the “kids” are teenagers but they still like guessing :)

  • lolabees

    My favorite thing is to spend a lazy day with friends, no expectations, no unspoken demands, just wine, food, kiddos and the occasional rubber horse mask… 

  • My favorite thing about the holidays is spending quality time with my daughter, making crafts, passing along traditions.  Last year, we brought some of her drawings to life, by sewing little stuffed creatures out of some of her favorite old clothes. 

  • My favorite part of the holidays is definitely the food! There is nothing greater than having my family gathered in the kitchen baking and preparing for a big holiday dinner. 

  • kikithespunkymunky

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the decorations and lights. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Kim

    My favorite thing about the holidays are making  gifts for my friends and family just for them and seeing their reaction when they see the gift.

  • Ahkraus

    It’s the whole magic of the season — cheerful people, being so busy, making and delivering gifts, friends and family, parties, children’s joy, holiday music, dance and theater… It is totally unique and captures me each year.

  • Jan Doss

    My favorite thing about the holidays is hearing the Christmas carols and seeing the children’s look of wonder and excitement.  

  • Jessica Verry

    My favorite things about the holidays: Seeing the pure joy on my kids faces as they see the lights around the city, making presents for my loved ones, eating lots of yummy food, and soaking in the smell of the Christmas tree for as long as it lasts.

  • Jessica Verry

    Wow what an awesome give away!  My favorite things about the holidays:  Seeing the utter joy on my kids faces when they see the lights around the city, making presents for my loved ones, eating lots of yummy food and soaking in the smell of the Christmas tree for as long as it lasts.

  • Nbaszile

    My favorite thing about the holidays is watching all the same Charlie Brown specials I watched as a kid with my daughters.

  • deanna

    My favorite thing about the holiday is all the sparkle, especially lights outside in the snow, and how enchanted and peaceful everything appears.  

  • Laurel Parrish

    I live in NYC and my favorite thing about the holidays is the energy in the city – as crowded and crazy as it can get, there’s just nothing else like it!

  • Christmas carols!

  • Anne T.

    My favorite is all the twinkly lights in the dark. I used to sneak out of my room as a kid and lay down next to the tree to stare at the lights.

  • Cate McCoy

    The presence and coming together of family and friends, sharing love, food and fun! 

  • Poetryelectric

    My favorite thing about the holidays is peppermint bark, decorating my Christmas tree, and all the old claymation movies, especially Here Comes Santa Claus!

  • Michele Heaton

    The excuse to bake anything and everything, guilt free!!

  • Liz H

    My favorite thing is all the beautiful lights, indoors and out, standing out against the dark and cold this time of year. I love that cozy feeling!

  • GMO

    Friends, family, food, creativity, lights, music, altogether.

  • Jacqueline Homer

    My favorite thing about Christmas is displaying my putz houses, Holt Howard carolers and feather angels and my grandmother nativity set.  Vintage all over!

  • Sandeesews4u

    My favorite thing about the holidays is doing random acts of kindness beyond the everyday things. Paying it forward if you will!

  • Ann

    My favorite things are decorating the tree with my family, and enjoying picking just the right gift for just the right person – love it!

  • jenny o

    My favorite thing about the holidays is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with friends and family.

  • jessica

    My favorite?  The 24 days leading up to Christmas.  Our family has the tradition of small gifts for advent.  Each day my kids get to find and unwrap a small gift.  Some days no more than a small piece of candy (today it was an erasable pen) with a note that tells them what to think about or do for the day like “Call Grandma today and tell her something to make her smile” or “Do one kind thing today without letting anyone know it was you.”  I’m waiting for the day the dishwasher gets magically emptied!  

  • Marguerite

    My favorite part of the holidays is when the house is all decorated, the presents have been put under the tree by the angels (aka my husband)and my kids go running into the living room to start opening presents.

  • Lulu Brown

    I have to say my favorite things about the holidays is getting to spend an evening with friends and family. We really see each other far too little and a night of crafting, games and good food is great fun.

  • Jamiedean8

    Our favorite part of the holiday is spending time with my family. My daughter and I love baking and cooking fabulous meals for the family and friends. We also will be helping with the many food banks this year by filling their shelves with food!

  • Misty Lackey

    Unpacking my careful collection of Christmas ornaments is my favorite thing, or a few of my favorite things about Christmas. My grandmother started a tradition of giving my brother and I ornaments each year. In what seemed like an event, she presented us each with our ornament that had been selected to fit our personality. Now, I carry that tradition on for my children , nieces, and nephews so that one day their ornaments will take them back in time.

  • Diana

    The best thing about the holidays is the time I get to spend on adventures with my 11 year old daughter.  Afternoon tea at a big hotel, going downtown (we live in San Francisco) to see the wonderful window displays, singing, making gifts for our neighbors, walking on the beach, a hike, building fairy houses, decorating and sometimes just sitting on the sofa reading or watching the lights on the tree.   

  • Alanna Krepakevich

    The best thing about the holidays is sharing great food and conversation and laughter with the most important people in your life.  Whether with your family or soul-family, this is the time of year when many make a great effort to come together and celebrate LOVE. 

    To me that’s what is most important. And winning an amazing surprise gift in this wonderful contest, of course!

  • Alanna Krepakevich


  • Nicole Thomas

    I love laughing with family, and of course eating delicious meals. I also love going for walks in the quiet of Christmas afternoon. But this year I am most looking forward to my 3 year old daughter’s excitement and wonder about Santa!

  • Carlyn

    I adore the extra time with my family, the food, and watching my daughter on Christmas morning. That said, my very favorite is snuggling by the tree with a book and a cup of tea. 

  • Artpsytx

    I love the smells, cinnamon, fresh Christmas tree and gingerbread.

  • Beadrysdale

    My favorite thing about the holidays is how dark and mysterious it gets at this time of year.

  • Amy

    I love the colours and light of christmas as well as everyone’s moods bubbling with the excitement of giving and receiving of thoughtful, sweet gifts to one another!

  • Carolelaine2

    Plain and simple,It’s still just seeing my kids (all grown), Happy and Together.

  • Bobbie

    My favorite thing about the holidays is celebrating the birth of Christ, listening to Christmas music while making gifts for family and friends.

  • Doss_dh

    My children come home from their respective colleges, which are more than 1500 miles away.  Just having them in the house makes it feel festive

  • Joanlcapria

    I love the lights, all the glorious, twinkling, sparkling lights! My small town is transformed to a wonderland of beautiful window displays & lights!

  • Vrangus

    I love planning surprises for my little girls.

  • annette

    My mom always put real candles on our christmas tree and the smell of
    those beewax candles is still my favorite part of the holiday.

  • Mazaikadesigns

    My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family in a relaxed manner. Having time to tell stories into the wee hours, eating all sorts of wrong food and laughing together makes the season bright.

  • My favorite thing about the holidays is the time spent thinking about family and friends. What to give, what to make, how to get together, when to get together, what to make for getting together….. all of it!

  • Lyle

    My favorite thing about the holidays is listening to the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl sing Fairytale of New York!

  • Sarah

    My favorite thing about Christmas is working hard all year to be able to provide presents for my family and seeing their excited faces when they open them! One of my other favorites is the smells of Christmas!! Peppermint, good food, gingerbread! Spending time with my family away from the distractions of work is so precious to me. Every Christmas is a memory:)

  • Adrienne Marshall

    My favorite would be….. Contagious good moods. Happy Holiday`s ! 

  • my favorite thing :: the smell of pine Christmas trees

  • Susanmote

    the thing I love most is the gathering, decorating of everything in sight.

  • Jdeal91917

    I love visiting the tree farm! Smelling the freshly cut trees, having hot apple cider, listening to the Christmas music, and watching all the big, burly guys haul trees around for all of the families! What a great day it always is!

  • Rebecca Bourke

    My favorite thing about the holidays is that even in our hectic culture, we set aside this time to be with family and friends.  No matter where we’ve traveled, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked, we find each other again, we bring back our traditions (ex: the annual giving of embarrassingly cheesy Christmas PJs), and it’s like no time has passed at all.  

  • Margaretbergen17

    These are lovely giveaways!  Thank you.  I guess the food with family and friends is my favorite part of the holidays.  Sharing new recipes and baking the traditional ones that have been in the family for generations.

  • RemieB

    My favorite thing about the holidays are the handmade gifts.

  • Nathan Natividad

    My favorite thing about the holiday is surprising people with gifts.

  • Patty Benson

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the change in weather, the twinkling lights, It’s a Wonderful Life and getting together with family for good food and wine!

  • Katrina Kilroy

    My favourite thing about the holidays is baking 25 different kinds of amazing cookies and then having a giant neighbourhood party so they will all get eaten.

  • Jane-ette

    I like having lots of time to bake and cook. And this year I’m making pillows out of beautiful wool and cashmere sweaters – everyone gets a different one… Getting out my vintage dishes and Christmas decorations. These are a few of my favourite things… 

  • Martha Kofman

    Lighting the Menorah and the food!

  • Elle C.

    The tree. It’s always been about the tree for me. I’m in love with the smell, the lights, the glitter and gorgeous colors. All my ornaments are sentimental and have lovely memories attached to everyone. Needless to say, it’s a huge part of my holiday experience.

  • Jeanne

    Holidays cheer everyone up in the cold weather! Without them, it could be very dreary.

  • Jeanne

    The holidays cheer up the cold weather–

  • Lindagerig

    Love watching the little ones and how much excitement they have. Linda herig

  • Faithandgracemartin

    My favorite thing is the food and decorating the house with Christmas Vacation on in the background.

  • Onepieceofstring

    My favorite thing about the holidays – pretty cookies, pretty frocks and time with family and friends!

  • sara3903

    Buying a live, heavenly-smelling Christmas tree on the streets of New York and carrying it back home with my husband, then decorating it with lights and the ornaments my mother collected over decades.  

  • Kshavin

     I love taking time to experience each moment – each sound and sight, each smell and touch – and share it with loved ones.

  • Jessie

    Putting up my Christmas tree and sitting in the dark looking at all the lights is what gets me most in the spirit.  I haven’t done it yet though so I’m feeling super blah!

  • Grace Jones

    My favorite thing about the holidays are the homemade cookies!

  • Giedra Bowser

    oops forgot to post as ME! 

    It’s hard to choose one favorite thing I like about the holiday but if I had to it’s making christmas crafts with my kids! THe holiday is so much more fun and meaningful now that I have kids.

  • Giedra Bowser

    OOPS This posted twice ????It’s hard to choose one favorite thing I like about the holiday but if I had to it’s making christmas crafts with my kids! THe holiday is so much more fun and meaningful now that I have kids.

  • Dyah Kartikawening

    Being with the family

  • Dyah Kartikawening

    Being with the family.

  • niki biv

    The lights, the crispness of the air, the first snow, the scents, and that little fire of excitement in my belly that lasts throughout the season.

  • Morgan R. Buckert

    My favorite things about the holidays are crafting with my girlfriends and sharing food with friends and family.

  • Joanna08

    My favourite thing about the holidays is having time to stop, relax, and create safe in the knowledge that the phone won’t ring with problems at work because everyone else is having time off too. There are few precious days of the year that this happens now, so you have to make the most of them when you can.

  • Morgan R. Buckert

    My favorite things about the holidays are crafting with my girlfriends and sharing food with friends and family.

  • Brenda

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the decorating! I begin after Thanksgiving and try to have it all done by the 2nd week of December.  The lights, smells, sounds, and of course the cooking make it all come together!!

  • Michelle

    My favorite thing about the holidays is watching the joy in my child’s eyes. She is a teenager but just get so giggly and delighted… It is contagious.

  • kuoknits

    I LOVE the smell of christmas trees in my house!

  • Caitemay

    After dinner gathered around young and old playing a game. The sound of laughter filling the house does my heart good.

  • Pattie Sly

    Time with my kids, celebrating the birth of Jesus, food, family and fun.  

  • Parcomoon

    My favorite thing about the holidays is creating new family traditions. Years ago when we were first married, my husband and I were invited to an “orphans Thanksgiving,” a tradition we have embraced now that we have a home of our own. No one needs an RSVP to attend, and we always have a wonderful, diverse group of friends. One year, on the heels of a move, we couldn’t find the Hanukkah box, so we created our own menorah out of various candles we found around the house, so in addition to the more conventional menorah, we always have an “assemblage” menorah built with things we have around the house. This year, my husband is fighting leukemia and will be in the hospital through the new year, so we will be kindling the lights of Hanukkah in reverse by cutting out a scherenschnitte menorah and backlighting it in our hospital window. I imagine there will be paper menorahs in the windows of our house in future years as a tribute to the miracles that can happen for those who work hard and believe.

  • Relio

    My favorite thing about the holidays is reminiscing wonderful childhood memories of decorating the Christmas tree and our home with my mom dad and my sisters. But, the bestest memory as a kid was being the bratty Christmas baby-I didn’t get gypped with the whole one-gift-for-both-occasions-thing cause I would make sure to announce that I was expecting two gifts!!! 

  • Bianca S

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the gift making and giving. I love the process of thinking about what to make for the people on my list. Wondering what they would like, how they would use it and their reaction to it. I try to be thoughtful about it and that makes the creating of it enjoyable. I know that the recipient appreciates the thought and time that went into their special gift. I love knowing they are waiting even now, weeks ahead of Christmas, to see what I have made. :)

  • Cindi

    My favorite things about the Holidays is decorating my home remembering Christmas’s past when my children where  small and helping my sons pass some of our old traditions on, and at the same time remembering the loved ones in our lives that we have lost and the good memories of the Holidays we had with them. Keeping Christmas a peaceful time of year and enjoying the new little ones in our lives with lots of love, hugs and kisses!! Merry Christmas!!

  • A fun part of my holiday is to enjoy the company of family and friends. 

  • Jill

    my favorite thing is the quiet moments that show up, reminding me to savor the beauty & joy of the season. it’s all so fleeting.

  • Jan K

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the positive energy, warmth and giving around.  People become extra special at this time of the year and it reminds me about how important it is to think about others instead of yourselves.  So I love taking the time making the gifts I give and give to as many as possible, not expecting anything in return.  I love the spirit of giving.

  • Littlefoxesdesigns

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making traditions with my son. My 5 year old makes every moment so special from picking out the tree to making gifts for friends. As I get older I make more gifts and stay away from the mall. We buy local and give things that will last. Making memories is really the most important thing.

  • Delores

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the time off to spend with family and to spend crafting!

  • velma bolyard

    my favorite holiday thing is the stillness in the deep woods in deep (hopefully) snow, and the scent of pine in the great northern forest. then going home to a fire and friends and hot soup. 

  • Lynn Luxemburger

    Two words:  Egg. Nog.
    (okay, add one more word: Rum.)

  • Anonymous

    My favorite thing is not just one, but many a pleasures all for fun! From picking out a tree to making origami cranes with the boys, and many libations with friends and caroling –  oh joy! There are so many wonderful things, not to mention the food, nope, not just one favorite, and so many to do!

  • Amy Owens

    My favorite things about the holidays is seeing the wonder of the season reflected in my daughters eyes.

  • 8to10gnomes

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the decorations. I live shiny baubles everywhere.

  • Kelly

    sharing the spirit of the season through random acts of christmas – kindnesses we do for others.

  • mindy

    oh, I love to sit by the fire sewing or knitting while the cats try to help!

  • Debbie U.

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making handmade gifts for family and friends.  There is no better feeling than creating something with your own two hands that is loved and cherished by someone that you love an cherish. 

  • Jillian

    My favorite thing about the holidays is watching Elf and lip synching to “Last Christmas” – not at the same time, of course.

  • Bee

     for me the holidays are all about letting my creativity shine by making handmade gifts and decorations for my home. it is my time for pulling out all the scraps and notions saved throughout the year and fashioning them into special items for the season.

  • Andrewsemple2

    My favourite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family and being spontaneous with our making and crafting and doing a whole lot of ‘want-to’s’ – instead of a whole lot of ‘have-to’s’ !!!!

  • My favorite things about Christmas are the SMELLS (of baking Christmas goodies), the SMILES (that are seen as the goodies are offered to anyone & everyone), and the MEMORIES of Christmases past and loved ones who have passed on, leaving all their love for us to remember them by … yes, those are a few of my favorite things about Christmas! Smiles ~ http://www.facebook.com/JDLeighDesigns

  • Heitkam4

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the way everyone comes together and how there is always fun to be had.

  • Holly Wood

    Finding the perfect gift for someone that I know they aren’t expecting but will be absolutely what they want whether it is new, recycled, repurposed, or homemade.

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is the SMELLS (of baking Christmas goodies), the SMILES (that the goodies inspire when offered to everyone), and the MEMORIES of Christmases past and loved ones who have passed on leaving all their love for us to remember them by. Yep, those are some of my favorite things about Christmas. Smiles ~ http://www.facebook.com/JDLeighDesigns

  • Mlkmailart

    Twinkling, sparkling, shimmering, glimmering, glowing lights are the key to holiday cheer and are my favorite part of the season!

  • Vicki

    My favorite thing about the holidays is Christmas morning with the kids. 

  • Isabelle Dervaux

    Favorite thing: celebrating twice bycalling or skyping first overseas with my French family then celebrating again at the regular US time.

  • Eliah

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the slow Christmas morning, making coffee and rekindling the fire leftover from the night before. Then the dumping out the stockings full of oranges, walnuts, and chocolates. My mother’s best friend from college and her father always come stay for a week and now I can’t imagine Christmas without them. The father sleeps the latest and shuffles out late morning in an old man’s robe and slippers. But before long he’s dressed with suspenders and argyle socks–which stick out of the bottom of his pants when he sits– and a sweet grandpa/newsboy cap. He asks for whiskey for breakfast and smiles and chuckles like he just told the world’s best joke as someone places a cup of steaming black coffee into his hands. My mother’s friend, his daughter, rolls her eyes saying “I think you and Santa had enough whiskey last night.” And so it goes. Every year.

  • Jean S

    the tree. (I’m an old tree hugger from way back…)

  • Suds75

    The smell of christmas trees!

  • Andreaabbottjean

    christmas trees, pine tree smell, hot chocolate with marshmeallows, nesting with family

  • Chelsea

    My favorite thing about the holidays cutting down the perfect tree, the smell of pine inside, and an excuse to drink hot totties!

  • Joolrie

    I love having my kids home from school, and hanging out in our jammies, baking cookies, singing Christmas songs, gathering with friends and family, decorating the Christmas tree, oh, and if it happens to snow, well, that just makes it all the more magical.

  • Wilson PA

    Creating a magical time for the kids.

  • Germania

    Getting to visit with friends and family is the best part of the holidays.

  • Elizabeth Ernsell

    Twinkling lights and homemade cookies.

  • Chas

    My favorite thing about the holidays is stringing popcorn and cranberry garlands for the tree with my kids. We are always having to make more popcorn because they are eat about one piece per every threaded one. Even after they are strung up on the tree, I notice that the popcorn pieces start to disappear but only on the lower branches where they can reach. It always makes me smile.

  • Wilson2583

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends.

  • Theflyingbella

    my favorite thing about the holiday season is making gifts for my family and friends!

  • Terrabytefarm

    It is all of the traditions.  Getting the tree with the kids, pulling out the ornaments, special mugs, everything that brings back sweet memories.  Baking our favorite recipes, hanging the stockings, all of those special markers.

  • Julie West

    Movie marathon with my daughter. The tree is lit, good things are baking in the oven and we are curled up and laughing to Christmas Vacation.

  • Jennie

    My favorite part is that families-even if they don’t see each other much during the rest of the year-set aside at least one day just to be together

  • im2dye4

    The smells of gingerbread and pine. The feel of luscious fibers that are made into gifts, the sound of children’s voices in a Christmas pageant, the bright beautiful colors, the permission to taste some indulgent chocolate that you can’t justify at other times of the year and most importantly slowing down and giving yourself time spend with friends and family

  • Patricia

    My favorite thing is slowing down and rediscovering the simple joys of companionship and a variety of delights — food, music, warmth, scents and stories — that fill all of my senses…

  • Nycparisarajevo

    My favorite moments about the holidays is appeal/alarm of mistletoe, the smell of evergreen trees for sale through the city streets, hanging out with my friends and family, wearing chunky knit sweaters, feeling gratitude, remembering Jesus’ embrace of the poor and forgotten, and grooving to John Lennon’s Christmas song that always makes me both happy and sad 

  • Chloenian

    I love making great presents for the people I love!

  • Kathi Bertsch

    My favorit thing is the lights. And keeping it all up until Three Kings Day

  • Kmk72557

    Wow…so many things. Walking the streets of NYC…ice skating…hot cocoa…the big lighted snowflake across Fifth Avenue…Saks windows…trimming my tree…Christmas Eve dinner…spending time with family and friends.

  • Don

    Being with my family…and football playoff games!

  • robin douthit

    My most favorite thing about the holidays is the fact that we, as a family, get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

  • Jenny

    My favorite thing about the holidays is our annual mole and tamale-making party. My daughter and her two best friends and all the mothers get together to stuff and wrap tamales. For hours, we plop masa dough and filling into corn husks, tying then tightly for steaming. Meanwhile, the homemade mole is cooking down on the stove making the air sweet and chocolately and spicy as we catch up with our girls over busy hands. This tradition is especially meaningful now that our daughters are scattered in different parts of the country and are all finding their place and their passions. Can’t wait until this year’s!

  • Kbbe

    Peppermint ice cream is my favorite thing about the holiday.

  • amisha

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making things by hand for people I love…. putting together bags of cookies for neighbors and colleagues, stitching special somethings for family, decorating jars of homemade preserves.  Love putting on good music and having days to create, relax, eat and drink.  All of that, plus sparkle lights! 

  • kim

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the closeness of family and friends.

  • Liz D.

    Making the ladies gifts!

  • Laura Poulette

    I love making handmade gifts!

  • I love making gifts, and the reaction of the recipients. 

  • Laura

    My favorite thing about the Holidays……is the wonderful energy that is felt and also the kindness of hearts and how people will give not just materially but ….emotionally…spiritually and of themselves…..I wish that energy and kindness of heart could be carried all thru the year………..through out the world……

  • mari

    I love spending Christmas with family – the best part of the holidays!

  • Fsouter

    kids excitement
    I want to win!

  • Tiffpbell

    My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with friends and family! After a fleeting year, it’s a time when we put work, differences, “problems” and the like aside to just give thanks all season long for what all we DO have (including each other.) It’s also the perfect time to put the year in perspective and make changes accordingly for the new year, a fresh start. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • pam

    Beautiful music, crisp nights with shiny lights, families gathered for carols & festive food.

  • Amy Hall

    I always make gifts for my co-workers (they all get the same thing)  and I have come to really enjoy the whole process of deciding on the gift, rounding up the necessary materials (usually out of my stash) and then making them.  The whole process (if I start early enough!) makes the season seem to last longer, in a good way, and keeps the focus of the season on family and friends.  But my new favorite thing about Christmas is being a grandmother!

  • Toni Van Buhler

    My favorite thing about the holidays is after it’s all done — just sitting around by the tree and the fireplace, knitting or reading and hanging out with loved ones.  And all the leftovers!

  • Bflosnow

    My favorite thing about the Holidays is the opportunity to give loved ones, both friends and family, a handmade gift, and I always have several extra gifts made to surprise someone who least expects a gift….sometimes a complete stranger.  It’s my way of putting a smile on someone’s face during what sometimes is a stressful time for many people.  It is a commitment/conviction to give from the heart, and honor the gift I have received …to make by hand. 

  • Martha Haynes

    My favorite thing about the holidays is imagining and creating gifts for my family and loved ones.

  • brianD

    My mother-in-law’s meals, hands down.  I literally look forward to them all year. That, and the seven small gifts my wife, daughter, and I give each other in our stockings, one a day leading up to the Eve.

  • Blueblanket

    I love all the holiday lights – perfect for this daylight challenged time of year!

  • Grace

    My favorite thing about the holiday is getting to spend precious time with loved ones!

  • kate rau

    I looove coming downstairs in the morning and smelling the Christmas tree. I get a cup of coffee and then sit in the darkened living room, with only the lights from the tree and the fireplace glowing.  It’s a lovely way to start the day.  

  • J Hendrix

    I love looking at all the decorations in store windows and on homes.  Living in Chicago, it is great to take an evening and stroll up and down Michigan Avenue and look at all the lights and decorations everywhere!

  • Michelle

    The stillness and quiet as we draw away from the busyness and chaos of life to reflect, savor, and celebrate the season and our gatherings; that is how I make my days holy. Thank you for offering these wonderful gifts!

    michelleheran at gmail dot com

  • Laura

    My favourite thing about the holidays is going “Christmas Tree Hunting”: buy the tree permit, round up a bunch of friends, fill the car with firewood, blankets and thermoses of hot cocoa and hot apple cider, head out to the forestry reserve, stomp around looking for the perfect tree, drag it back to the car, start a fire and roast marshmallows and hotdogs while singing Christmas carols. Bliss!

  • Michelle Heran

    The stillness and quiet as we draw away from the busyness and chaos of life to reflect, savor, and celebrate the season and our gatherings; that is how I make my days holy. Thank you for offering these wonderful gifts!

  • Rebecca Parks

    My favorite thing about the holidays is time off with friends and family and the look on people’s face when they open the perfect gift.  

  • Tina

    Being with family and friends. Celebrating and sharing love. Cooking and making crafts from the heart to give . Enjoying life with all the sparkles.

  • Sugarworks

    family, food, warm cozy clothing, lots of laughing

  • Marsy

    I think my favorite thing about the holidays is cookies!  So many people you never knew were really great bakers suddenly are sharing the most wonderful creations from their kitchens.

  • Wendy

    I love making special handmade gifts that my family can wear, save, & use for years to come! I don’t tweet so I will never know if I’ve won…..just sayin

  • Lizaw98

    Being with my family!

  • Mail4mcgaha

    Going home to see my family. Love living in the south but miss my midwestern family.

  • My favorite thing about the holidays is remembering and continuing family traditions from my childhood. I have been collecting pieces for years of the same Christmas china my mother had in a gorgeous pointsettia pattern. I am reminded of her everytime I see it or use it. Christmas was her favorite time of year and she decorated to the max! I set up her old Nativity set which she gave to me when she was give the gift of a new one. Last year I searched for and bough 5 authentic wooden shoes and set them out on a window sill. One for each member of our family just like my mom did. Every Christmas we would find our wooden shoes filled with little trinkets and candies Christmas morning. I gave each of my sisters a set of wooden shoes as a Christmas gift also that year. I’m now far away from where I grew up and some things are very different but I try every year to bring back as much as I can from those precious years.

  • Barbara Most

    Setting up and opening a holiday show with my artist friends.

  • Keris Marisa

    My family has owned and operated a Christmas tree farm since before I was born- seeing it be part of other family’s holidays is my favorite part of the Christmas season! Hope to win with Alabama Chanin!

  • Onecurlie1

    My favorite thing about the holidays is being with family. My family is the essence of who I am and I hope that one day my young children feel the same way. No matter what is going on in my life, I know that my family is always there to support me.

  • Caroleanneriley

    The mellowness folks feel and many fences are mended as a result.

  • Sharon

    I love the Holidays, because it is time spent with family.

  • Bridgitb66

    The best part about the holidays for me is getting together with my extended family – my parents, grandparents, sisters and brother, my cousins, and all their kids and spouses. We eat constantly, drink wine, talk politics, and play games ( the best ones involve making things up and arguing), staying up too late and getting up too early. All of us have friends who ask, “You mean you actually /like/ spending time with your family?!”, and we say, “Heck yeah! Our family is more fun than anybody else!”

  • doug baulos

    my favorite thing about the holidays is making new ornaments every year – I like to cut I like to paste I like to sew

  • charlottelst

    My favorite thing about the holiday is planning those surprise gifts, homemade or purchased, that you know someone wants but will never get themselves. So fun!

  • Mrskhoury

    My favorite thing about the holidays is having takeout chinese food late on New Years Eve with my husband. After the hustle bustle of Christmas, and with a whole fresh year ahead.

  • humbleabode

    I love being with family; cooking, drinking, and remembering days past. 

  • Emily Lowrey

    My husband and I lived apart for the past year.  He in New York waiting to get an Alabama Pharmacy license and sell the home we renovated with so much care and me in Alabama starting a business and finding an old Southern home that needed our love.  We’re finally together again – where normal is plaster dust making our black Lab look gray – and finding that we are even better best friends than we were before.  I’m so grateful our 7-year marriage could survive a year with only a few visits and come out stronger.  This year, we decided to support the people in our new community by purchasing only handmade items for our holiday gifts.  It’s been wonderful getting to know the artists in our city while we help our local economy grow, and it has inspired my husband and I to even make a few gifts ourselves this year. 

  • Denise

    I think my favourite thing about the holidays is just the feeling of joy they bring. And being together with my family and just slowing down a bit!

  • Carmen

    My favorite thing about the holidays is making presents for friends and family, it’s like giving them a little piece of you because so much of your time, love, and sweat went into their gift. By the same token, receiving something handcrafted is also a great pleasure. This year I am going to paint and stencil sandhill cranes on my mother’s mailbox, which she will love. Hope she doesn’t see this, that sure would ruin the surprise!

  • Jill Valenzuela

    Favorites about the Holiday season are crafting gifts for friends and family and spending time enjoying food and drinks with friends.

  • socialsea

    The best thing about the holiday this year is being home after being away for 6 months and waiting on my first grandchild to arrive in this world during the holiday season. I’m counting down double — days until Christmas and days until baby says “hello world”. Best wishes to all!

  • Kathkol

    This year, I am having the most fun choosing (and often making) a just-right gift for everyone on my list.  It is going to be hard to wait to give them! 

  • Mags

    The laughter… the smell of baking… the nip in the air… thick scarves… good friends… dear family… the making of *treats* to share… the wonder in the faces of the small ones… that place of joy that brings smiles…

  • Bonnie Sennott

    Usually I don’t enjoy shopping, but at the holidays I truly love looking for the perfect gifts for family and friends. It makes me so happy to give them special things that I know will delight them. And I also love making gifts, when I have time!

  • Kampa003

    My favorite thing about the holidays is really the noise. I love the sounds. Although we have quite a few parties and just gatherings all year at our house, we don’t have kids so the noises made for much of the year are mostly mine and my husband’s – and our two black cats. We have a happy home, but when Halloween and Thanksgiving come around… then Christmas and finally New Year’s Eve -and more and more people are around, well it gets louder and louder and everyone is are talking all over each other and laughing… cheers when more people come in from the cold with their arms full, “mmmmmm’s…” at my husband’s cooking, old Christmas songs, kids scootching furniture and thumping around. It’s all great. Maybe it’s because I was deaf as a kid that does it, but I LOVE the sounds of the holidays.

  • Kokokelii@gmail.com

    The best thing about Xmas for me is my niece Avery. She’s dazzling!

  • Katherine Chapman

    My favorite thing is knitting presents for as many people as I can, going to see carolers and gingerbread houses (built by architects!) downtown with my family. Also celebrating Hanukah traditions with my in-laws.

  • Samantha Scheiman

    I love how the Christmas season infuses everyone with a bit more kindness, a smidgen more joy, and a heart to give back to others. Speaking for myself, I enjoy donating to charities in honor of loved ones or finding special handmade gifts that benefit artisans in Ecuador, Uganda, and the United States. The world needs the spirit of this season every day. 

  • Kathryn76

    Watching my three year old’s face light up whenever he talks about Santa, which is pretty much constantly.

  • Lexicon522

    With all of our children grown and on their own, we look forward to our local bank putting up the wish tree. It holds local kid’s holiday desires. Shopping and wrapping gifts for them is such fun. I just wish we could witness the unwrap and reveal.

  • Nellknits

    I love the kindness & hope…. 

  • Maggie Drake

    My favorite thing about the holidays is that I get inspired to make gifts for family and friends: knitted warm things, baked goodies, and handmade cards.  I always wish I had gotten started a bit earlier, though.

  • my favorite thing about the holidays is going to a christmas market with friends, having a good time, eating the best food and having good warm wine. just love that. 

  • Maggie Drake


  • Christine

    My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with clse family and friends! Unfortunately with our busy lives that doesnt happen this way as often as I like the rest of the year. The holidays offer a special occasion to be present, enjoy amazing meals created together, and to really enjoy what matters most…the people we love!

  • Linda

    My favorite thing about the holidays is hanging with family and friends! 

  • Erin

    I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of my kids–takes me back 30 years!  Thanks for the chance to win–Natalie is a true inspiration to me.

  • Jenniferbarker

    Christmas lights are my favorite part of the holidays. I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of sparkling bright Christmas lights. They always make me happy.

  • Michelle

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the music, especially the special concerts at our church! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Karin Lewerin

    Besides the obvious, celebrating with family and friends, I appreciate the most getting time for some crafting of my own! Especially I love to make stuff from Alabama Chanin. A dream would be to go overseas to one of their workshops…

  • Heather

    Christmas is just about family. We have been living abroad for 3 years so it is very very nice to be home sweet home for the holiday season!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite thing about the holidays is lighting the menorah with our family (and our tradition of kissing everyone after the candles are lit – a crazy kiss-fest!) in front of the christmas tree decorated with ornaments that range from 60+ years old ones that were my grandmother’s/mother’s to ones made by my now-adult siblings and me and new ones made by my 7 year old! :)  (I would be soooo happy to win the Alabama Chanin gift certificate – that would make this a perfect holiday!)

  • Morgan

    My favorite things is decorating the Xmas tree with lots of handmade ornaments and then admiring its beauty by sitting and sipping hot cocoa, breathing in the wonderful smell and squinting my eyes to make the twinkle lights even twinklier.

  • Michelle Marie

    My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to go back home and spend time with my family. It is an eleven hour drive there, so I truly cherish the time and soak up the love and hugs to bring back with me and remember until the next visit.

  • Twelve Days of Favorite Holiday things…
    On the first day of Christmas I love to break out the cookbook, for baking and making!On the second day of Christmas I grab pen and paper and make a list of my people and gift giving ideas.
    On the third day of Christmas I gather the family for a portrait to send with the cards.
    On the fourth day of Christmas I bribe the family with eggnog to help me send out the cards.
    On the fifth day of Christmas we put up the tree and fill it’s branches with sentimental and well-loved ornaments.
    On the sixth day of Christmas I start in on the DIY gifts.
    On the seventh day of Christmas I peruse Pinterest for beautiful gift wrapping ideas.
    On the eight day of Christmas I head to the post office with fingers crossed that my packages will arrive on time.
    On the ninth day of Christmas the radio is cranked up with holiday tunes.
    On the tenth day of Christmas I do the last minute stocking stuffer shopping.
    On the eleventh day of Christmas we light the candles in the advent wreath and read the Christmas story.
    On the twelfth day of Christmas I collapse with a happy sigh on the couch.

  • Erin N

    My favorite things about the holidays: baking dozens of cookies, watching my aunts get tipsy off one glass of wine, watching While You Were Sleeping repeatedly, grab bag dice games, ugly sweaters, and Frank Sinatra Christmas albums. 

  • Erin N

    My favorite things about the holidays include baking dozens of homemade cookies, my aunts get tipsy off one glass of wine, dice grab bag games, repeatedly watching While you Where Sleeping, ugly sweaters, and Frank Sinatra Christmas records. 

  • Douglas

     Dear Krrb, You are a holiday treat. Hmmm, I have a few stand out
    favorites when it comes to the holiday. It means I get to sneak secret
    tequila shots with my brother-in-law before specifically stressful
    events. I love cooking for my family when I head back home to the south
    from NYC. Doing yard work for my grandmother and being rewarding with
    grilled cheese sandwiches. The gift giving is lovely but secondary to
    the family time. Cheers to all Y’all!

  • Jennie Wolff

    My favorite part of the holidays is watching the excitement and joy on my children’s faces, no matter if we are celebrating in big or small ways.

  • Jennie Wolff


  • Bryant G Whelan

    It is the GIVING. The joy comes from doing for others, whether with gifts, baking treats, donating to charity, serving meals, wrapping, sending snail mail cards, Toys for Tots. No matter what your background, religion or lack of it, Christmas is about putting others first and giving JOY! Ya gotta love that!

  • Moderneicon

    Spending time with family & friends

  • Ina

    I love the preparations, baking traditional German cookies and making gifts for those near and dear.

  • Senorayatez

    my favorite thing now is opening that little paper door on the advent calender with my boys every morning. they are 5 this year and it is magic to watch their face light up for a tiny piece of cheap, yet delicious, chocolate.

  • Viafortier

    Best part of the holidays is everyone you grew up with being together again.

  • Jenna Cole

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the general mood of cheer – smiles when we pick out a tree, chatting with the neighbors when gifting cookies, the complete giddiness of my kids for the whole month of December. It reminds me how truly wonderful it is to be alive.

  • AK

    Advent, hands down, is my favorite part of the holiday season. It wraps family time, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, music, stories, candles, and the smell of pine into a wonderfully neat little package. Once I hear my father begin to read the story of Christmas, I know my favorite time of the year has finally arrived. 

  • Bobbi

    The holidays, to me, are warm family, spicy breads, crisp early mornings, cold late nights, road trips and friendships and the wonder of the season! Love and well wishes!

  • Kath Noll

    My favorite thing about the holidays is music – dancing, singing, playing and listening.

  • My favorite thing about the holidays is decorating a little rosemary table top tree for my small house. It’s both festive and practical for cooking!

  • melmorgan4

    My favorite things about the holidays include the excitement of Christmas morning, attending holiday parties and spending time with my family. 

  • michael c

    My favourite thing about the holidays, aside from the food, is buying gifts for others. I went out and found practical and useful gifts for my friends and family to use in their lives. It’s also a good time to buy gifts for the less fortunate so that they may spend a wonderful Christmas too!

  • re mo

    My favorite thing about the holidays is giving gifts and laughing with family and friends over good food!

  • dewey

     My favorite thing about the holidays is this 12 Days of Gifting Give Away! Fingers are super festively crossed!

  • my favorite thing about the holidays is seeing the looks on people’s faces when they open presents :) 

  • I enjoy getting a few days off to travel

  • Melissaaricker

    Decorating……………..I start the day after Halloween and don’t stop until Dec.1.I love the looks
    on my families faces when it is all done………….. I do a lot of DIY’s with nature (helps that I have
    8 acres of woods to shop in)…..lol… and making homemade ornaments with my little one every
    year. We do something different each year. This year it was stick reindeer… Turned out beautiful~

  • eileen marie

    Without a doubt, my favorite part of the holiday season is getting in the spirit with my students; we craft, write letters to soldiers & brainstorm ways to help others less fortunate during the holiday season. I also love the fact that it’s one of the few times of the year my husband & I have time to spend together, as we normally work opposing shifts.

  • Anonymous

    I love getting together with my family and friends and cooking, baking and making memories!

  • Karen

    During the holiday season, people have a bounce in their step, smiles seem to be everywhere and there seems to be a joi de vivre in the air.

  • Nina D

    Slick snow kissed sidewalks
    Pave the path to friends and food
    Warm feelings abound

  • Florahisser

    gift giving, kitten snuggling, mistletoe kissing and alarm clock snoozing

  • AB

    my favorite thing about the holidays are the sweet moments with family, making an effort to travel so that we can all be together.

  • rachel

    spending time with my family of 13, and baking up a storm for them! 

  • Ilene

    One of my favorite things about the holidays is that people are generally more festive, giving and happy around this time of the year.

  • Cesconyc

    Greetings, My favorite thing is getting everyone else around me in the Holiday Spirit… especially busy barisitas at Starbuck creating holiday magic in a red cup, a smile, a thank you and some fun conversation goes a long way … also there is nothing more rewarding to me then decking my friends ( AKA single girls in the city) home, cranking up the old school cristmas hits on the ipod ….and did I mention the wine and cocktails!?!? spritzer anyone? Cheers!

  • Kris Cowperthwaite

    Getting to go home and see my family all at once!  Nothing is better than that.

  • Kris Cowperthwaite

    Getting to go home and see my family all at once!  Nothing is better than that.

  • Cchoinski

    The Christmas holiday is nice because my children come home from Seattle, Chicago and Boston.  We have a wonderful Detroit Christmas.

  • clementine x

    my fave thing about the holidays is how it changes the built environment. i love all the lights and the christmas trees in public places and the pine smell that fills so many unexpected spaces.

  • I’m stoked about giving gifts to my loved ones. I love finding just the right thing(s) for each of them.

  • Nancy Topolski

    My favorite thing about the holiday is that everyone is so nice to one another. There are more smiles and nods from strangers and more kindnesses for co-workers and support for those who don’t have the simple necessities. I wish that could happen all year long.

  • Niki Jackson

    Gotta say my favorite thing about the holidays (after family of course) is the food! Holiday goodies are the best ;-)

    Also, taking a walk in a winter wonderland is pretty awesome as well. 


  • Niki Jackson


  • Walsh57dot

    One of my favorite things about Christmas is having Krrb , then I can buy all the gifts for everyone right here in my Christmas setting with my husband who has this house lit up because he thinks he is Clark Grizwold!  Merry Christmas everyone and be Thankful for everyone that surrounds you everyday and during the holidays and remember your Faith …Happy Birthday Jesus.

  • sara súperhero

    my favorite things about the holidays are dressing like an elf and eating latkes, though not at the same time (yet).

  • Manhattan Hippy Vintage

    My hubby and I are getting ready for our fourth annual vegetarian holiday party. I absolutely LOVE decorating, cleaning and menu planning. I really look forward to hosting our friends and family (expecting 40 people this year!) in our humble NYC apartment next weekend. Happy Holidays!

  • Erik Shute

    My favorite thing is living in LA, but going home to Chicago to see family … and snow!

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus and seeing all the pretty christmas lights and decorations. Thanks for this contest!

  • LZandstra

    My favorite thing about the holidays is knitting by the light of the Christmas tree while my husband studies.

  • Anonymous

    my favorite thing about the holidays is time off of work and that means more time with family!
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  • diane baum

    Very cool