Get Up and Get Down with Oliver Jeffers – Scouring for Treasure


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Mr. Oliver Jeffers. Photo:

Say hello to Oliver Jeffers, another of our featured curators for Thursday’s real-deal live auction, Lights, Camera, Auction. An artist, illustrator and author with an edge, Oliver has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with his whimsical characters and story lines. We were lucky enough to spend an entire day with him at Film Biz Recycling, rummaging through massive amounts of furniture, housewares, and just plain cool knickknacks as Oliver cheerily chose some excellent pieces to help out Film Biz Recycling in their quest to keep usable items from landfills.

A page straight out of Lost and Found. Photo:

Born in Australia and raised in Belfast, Oliver and his work have made their way around the world. From New York to London, to Chile, critics have gushed and his fan base has expanded, continually opening up doors to new opportunities. In 2009, Oliver’s second book Lost and Found was made into a film that won the British Academy of Film and Television award for best animated short.

A collaborator by nature, working with others has allowed Oliver to pursue his varied interests. In addition to his day job as an artist and author, he is cofounder of the collective OAR where he works with Rory Jeffers, Mac Premo, and Duke Riley. The group has recently drawn attention for their exhibitions “9 Days In Belfast,” “Book,” and “BUILDING.” Oliver is also the cofounder of You Me The Royal We, a product line created with Premo and Aaron Ruff, featuring an array of fun, kitschy commodities like a wooden belt including a bark belt buckle.

Oliver standing in a sea of his amazing finds.

The night of November 3rd not only has delicious, cheap tacos, free beer, and plenty of fast-talking auction action, but Oliver as well! How can you miss this? The answer is easy, you can’t!

For more info on Lights, Camera, Auction and to buy tickets, check out and make sure to check out Oliver’s Krrb corner for a preview of his curated collection!