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Is there anything more romantic than the life of a cowboy? Riding horses all day, sleeping under the stars, wearing leather things with fringe on them, hanging out with cows—the list just goes on. Fun fact about me: I used to be a very serious equestrian. I’ve been involved with roundups. I’ve chased cows around on horseback. And, I owned boots, Wranglers and fringy leather chaps. All true.

While living in New York is about as far from the cowboy lifestyle as one can get, I like to keep the memories alive by decorating my home with the occasional western touch. Tasteful, of course. That’s the key. Maybe it’s the romance of it all, but “cowboy” stuff has a tendency to go straight to the dark side (you know, wagon wheel tables and spray painted pink rodeo hats). That’s not to say it can’t be done. Follow these simple tips for the classier side of home on the range.

Rein it in: It’s cool to sprinkle a navajo blanket here and there, or add a cowhide rug to an otherwise bare floor. It’s not cool for the room to look like a dude ranch exploded inside it.

Think outside the corral: It doesn’t have to be all leather and sagebrush and raw hewn wood. A modern and colorful buffalo painting or a minimalist cowboy-themed towel rack adds a little boot scootin’ boogie without being obvious.

Rustle up some contrast: Some vintage cowboy art or antique saddlery adds a touch of nostalgia and personality to an otherwise modern room. Think Sam Elliot lounging in an Eames chair.

Dig in your spurs and go: If you really want to take it to John Wayne status, get that show-stopping conversation piece that’s so western it transcends the whole genre. That rocking chair constructed of cow horns may be the perfect example of just so bad it’s good.

Get the Look: Wild Wild West


What do you think? Are you ready to add a little wild west to your life?


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