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Achieving the perfect look is a difficult task. Whether it’s decor for your home, a new haircut, an outfit, etc. there’s never one clear choice! After countless hours of scrolling through Pinterest to be inspired by what colors, cuts, styles and materials are right for you — you still have to go through the struggle of sourcing those items.

I’m a strong believer in high/low shopping. Mixing expensive pieces with affordable ones is a great option if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe and general style. Exclusively having high end designer pieces is a pretty substantial (and expensive) goal, so I find it more practical and achievable if you purchase one or two must haves that can be used all of the time with any type of outfit.

I’m also pro-vintage and secondhand shopping. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing and accessories are vintage. Since I often have expensive taste with certain items, secondhand and consignment shopping is how I avoid bankrupting myself! A lot of times you are able to score an awesome new piece at a significantly lower price even though it’s in great condition.

My personal approach to shopping is to budget more on classic pieces (a leather bag, belt, shoes) that will stick with me for years and to find cheaper alternative for trendier items. If you’re looking for a new bracelet but aren’t in the market to spend tons of cash, you can pick up some trendy accessories for $20. Need a stylish hat for these cold winter months? For $40 you can have a vintage score that nobody else will have.

Get the Look: Fashion Finds

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