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In its own way, Thanksgiving dinner has becomes a tradition among my group of friends. Our Friends-giving, as we call it, is really a mix and match of people in our Brooklyn neighborhood—we give thanks, we eat, we drink wine—it’s really quite fun. Over the years, we have taken turns squeezing plus ones around tiny apartment dinner tables. But this beautiful dining table I stumbled upon on My Blue Canoe is where I want to be sitting this year. Find out how to get the look for yourself.

What makes this room so charming is the sense of history as if someone has collected family heirlooms over time. If you don’t have the time or the heirlooms, shop secondhand. You can find complete or near-complete sets of china, glassware and cutlery on Krrb.

Mix textiles but keep your color palette simple. Eclectic can sometimes lean towards chaotic if you’re not careful. Keep a pretty simple color scheme for this dining table but indulge in one or two pops of color. In my case, those candy apple red chairs are a fun way to keep the room feeling modern but not over the top. White dishes and milk glass vases feel more cohesive and make a great backdrop for fresh flowers and a delicious meal.

When you can, try DIY. A farmhouse dining table of this size isn’t cheap, even if it’s used. You can create a simple rustic table using reclaimed wooden planks. Also look for chairs that you can easily upgrade. Changing the reupholstery to a dining chair requires just some elbow grease and a good staple gun. If you don’t have a working chandelier, wind some twinkle lights around a metal chandelier frame, antlers or even a hula hoop will do in a pinch.

Get the Look: Thanksgiving Dinner Table


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