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With an average 300 days of sunshine per year here in Austin, Texas, it’s no wonder people in this city start to lose their minds during those rare-but-still-depressing multi-day stretches of cold, rainy, grey weather. I have no problem speaking on behalf of all Austinites when I say these last couple of weeks have been especially rough—many of my friends have remarked without a hint of sarcasm that they don’t remember what sunshine is—and I like to think it’s because we’re in the final stretch leading up to the glorious weather that always comes back around mid-March.

With blue skies, cool breezes and tons of sunshine so, so close, I can’t help but look ahead to the greatness that is spring in Austin. Here are some of my favorite picks on Krrb to help you ditch the gloomy winter blues and put together a cheerful, bright, and fun living room this spring.

Mid-Century Modern Champagne Gold Sofa


The perfect way to tell your friends and neighbors that you’re effortlessly stylish and would very much like it if they didn’t spill anything on your new awesome couch, please.

Mr. Chair by George Mulhauser for Plycraft


This chair is so amazing that I’m going to go ahead and assume it has magical powers that basically consist of transforming anyone sitting in it into the coolest, best-looking person on the planet.

Vegan Skull


No animals were harmed in the making of this skull—just lots of paper and glue. The perfect place to hang your vegan leather headband while you work on your poetry.

Reclaimed Pallet Wood and Steel Tables


I love that these tables are upcycled, and that pop of red would be great in just about any non-boring person’s living room.

Industrial Metal Rabbit


“You know what my living room is missing?” you’ve likely asked yourself out loud. “An industrial metal rabbit.” You’d be right. Hang it above your couch. Hang it next to your vegan skull. Feel comforted by the fact that you finally have an industrial metal rabbit adoring your wall.

Serape Blanket


Display your carefree attitude by lazily draping this blanket over the corner of a sofa, or neatly fold it in half at the end of your bed. Or really go nuts with your sewing skills and use it to make some totally sweet throw pillows.

What items are you buying to get ready for Spring? Let us know!

Kristin Hillery is a design-obsessed writer and photographer based in Austin, Texas. Currently the editor of Modernize, Kristin has written for the Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, The A.V. Club, and was a contributing author to the humor book, Please Fire Me.


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