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It’s the beginning of the new year so something that is on all of our brains is sticking to our financial budgets. While conserving on cash is a top priority, making changes is another high ranker in the “things to do” list for January and onward. If you’re looking to update your space you don’t necessarily have to do a style overhaul, start with accents and accessories in order to bring new vibes into your space without having to invest in high priced pieces. Don’t jump at the first stunning piece you come across though- do your research and you’ll be happy to find that item that made your hear flutter for a fraction of the price!

Vintage Rugs

The Splurge: Rugs such as this one can set you and your budget back.

The Steal: Ever find yourself having to close your mouth after staring in awe at a beautiful moroccan rug? Yeah, us too! While these pieces are normally thousands of dollars, this hand-knotted wool rug was made with all natural plant-based dyes and is still coming in under that thousand dollar price mark.

Accent Chairs

The Splurge: An accent chair is the perfect way to introduce new style into a living space, but is it worth it at this price?

The Steal: If you want a quality piece, but don’t want to feel those post-purchase wallet pains, then look no further than this beautiful chair. Not only are you adding additional seating for all those guests you plan on having over in 2016 (that was one of your resolutions right?!), but it’s also adding top notch style that will turn your living room into an Instagram worthy hangout area.

Mid-Century Magazine Rack

The Splurge: I love organizing, but I don’t know if I would be that invested at this price point.

The Steal: Clearing clutter is a great way to start off your new year in the right direction. Feel like that stack of magazines is haunting you on our coffee table? Keep the aesthetically pleasing ones out on display but store the others in the “I’ll read you some other time” area- which, luckily for you can now be in this awesome mid-century magazine holder.

Chic Mirrors

The Splurge: This sleek mirror is a classic beauty, but is double the price of our favorite vintage gem.

The Steal: Not only are mirrors a necessity, but they also add elements of depth and beauty to any space. From making the room look larger to reflecting light to brighten your space- these decor pieces are a must for transforming any room. This art deco find will give you everything you’re looking for for the fraction of the price of similar mass produced pieces.

Trendy Table Lamp

The Splurge: This cork and chrome trend is awesome, but the high price for a trend is not a good place to invest.

The Steal: If your Pinterest visions just won’t be complete until you add a snazzy accent lamp, you’re in luck because there are plenty of cheaper alternatives like this one on Krrb. Add this to any surface and you’ll stop having to be asking yourself the question of “what’s missing”. Get your glow on!

Have you lucked out lately with a rare find on Let us know about your treasures in the comment section!


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