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Living in a big city can be tough. The one place that I can always go to escape is my very small but cozy apartment. That’s why every year, around this time, I get excited about decorating. At first, it proved to be difficult because some of the more traditional holiday decorations take up more space than my bedroom. After doing some research and (getting a little creative!) I’ve come back with a few ideas on how to use every inch of a small space to its full holiday potential!

Wall space is your new best friend. Make a few holiday arrangements from pine cones, holly berries and evergreen clippings to hang. With a proper layout, these arrangements next to some of the holiday cards you have received from friends and loved ones will compliment each other well.

The most traditional decoration I grew up with was a Christmas tree. The joy of decorating a tree with ornaments of years past is a ritual I’ll never tire of despite the fact that I cannot fit a full size tree into my apartment. Getting a half tree or corner tree can come in handy. They’re obviously not real trees but the satisfaction of decorating is very real.

If you’re still having trouble fitting a tree into your apartment then I highly suggest you buy some holiday lights. These can do wonders to amp the spirit of the season in your apartment. Take an empty wall and design your own tree out of lights. You can make crafty ornaments to hang from your light tree with some tape on the wall. Place your gifts under the tree and you won’t even know the difference!

If you truly feel like you can’t fit any of the time-honored holiday decorations into your apartment, then go outside and get creative. Make a homemade wreath to hang on your front door. Every time you walk in, you’ll feel jolly.

Whatever your decorating traditions are we want to hear about them! Tell us in the comments and be sure to check out these space-friendly holiday finds you can buy on Krrb.

Decorating for the Holidays in Small Spaces


Decorating for the Holidays in Small Spaces by krrbsale on Polyvore

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