Get the Look — Cozy Guest Rooms for the Holidays


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Get the Look — Cozy Guest Rooms for the Holidays


With the holiday season upon us, guests and visitors will be coming in and out of our homes for dinners, get togethers and all sorts of parties. If you have family members or friends staying with you – whether it’s for one night or an extended stay – it’s important to make them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. You don’t necessarily have to buy new items to put in the room for them, but instead you can just temporarily relocate things from other areas of your home!

Let’s break down some of the things that would be great to add to a room when out of towners are staying with you. Anything that can be added to make the room feel as warm and cozy as possible are great options. Adding pillows and throws will allow for more comfortable relaxation, especially if they don’t sleep easily without their own bed!

There are also a few essentials that should be added, that are often overlooked. Having a mirror in the room is a great touch. When your guest is getting ready, you don’t want them to have to go into the bathroom to make sure their shirt is tucked in properly and they don’t have any lipstick on their teeth! A bedside lamp is also a necessity. Nothing is worse than having to get out of bed on a cold night to turn off the lights. Actually it’s only worse when you’re not familiar with the room and you have to guide yourself back to the bed in the dark!

Places for coats, used towels and laundry are also nice touches to add to the space. It can be awkward for a guest not to know where to put their towel after they shower and they may prefer not stuffing their used clothing into their suitcase. Little touches like these added hooks and baskets definitely make for an awesome experience.

Other things like alarm clocks, serving trays, vases with fresh flowers, soaps for the bathroom and some christmas decor will add personal touches that will make your guest feel super welcomed! If you have extra furniture around the house like a bench or side chair that can fit into the room, it may be nice to add it in. Additional seating areas will allow your guest to feel like they can relax and have some down time without having to climb into a made bed.

Get the Look: Cozy Guest Room

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