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If you ever find yourself leafing through the pages of interior design magazines oohing and aahing over the professionally styled and photographed homes, then this is the place for you! This week we’re going to be showing you how to get this warm, sunny look with items found right here on Krrb.

As the days get shorter and the winter blues set in, I find myself drawn to cheery colors that simulate the sunlight my vitamin D-deprived brain is missing. While it can be a bit intimidating to bring such a strong color into your home, it’s totally possible to brighten your space without transforming it into a McDonald’s interior. Let’s take some cues from the lovely room I found on Apartment Therapy and find some new ways to bring yellow into our lives.

Break it Up: A completely yellow room would obviously be overkill. White and grey serve as neutral counterbalances to the bold yellow, both toning it down and playing it up.

Mix it Up: Your yellows don’t have to be a perfect match. In fact, it’s probably better that they don’t. Maybe your chair is more of a butter and your side table is more of a mustard—either way, the tones will be close enough to complement each other and pull the room together.

Play it Up: Don’t be afraid to put your favorite yellow piece front and center. It’s meant to warm up the room, not hide in the corner under a bunch of drabness. It may feel like a risk, but after a day or two with your sunshiney new room, you’ll forget that you ever lived in a neutral world.

Ready to go for the golden glow? Click through for links to these gems or search Krrb to find something to suit your style.

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