Get the Look — Can You Spot the High-End Deals?


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Get the Look — Can You Spot the High-End Deals?


Designing an interior is not exactly cheap (especially for those with high-end taste), but luckily for you there are many ways you can find great deals. Without skimping on the quality of the piece or sacrificing the style you were going for, of course. Shopping secondhand and vintage items is a fantastic way to maximize your budget. Check out some of our favorite design pieces below, we think you’ll be happily surprised with the price tags we found!

Mid-century Modern Rocking Chairs


We have been seeing these trendy rope style rocking chairs in the homes of lifestyle influencers as of late, and we can’t help but want to add one to our space as well. Simply paired with an accent rug and plant life, this seating pulls together that Silver Lake bungalow vibe you’re looking for. Although this piece is on trend right now, it is still a classic design with a steep price point that doesn’t fluctuate too often. Can you spot the steal above?

Ready for the great reveal? The steal is priced at $195 and the splurge is almost twice as much at $319.



It can be used to house your TV, to create a focal point or serve as a piece of storage- but whatever way you slice it, you most likely need some type of credenza, console or buffet. The only issue here? This necessity comes with a big price tag. We are all for investing in quality pieces, but without the sticker shock. Lucky for you, achieving the same aesthetic for a fraction of the price is possible! Are you able to pick out which one of the wood credenzas above is pricer?

This investment piece is certainly worth a pretty penny. Would you pay $800 for the splurge or $650 for the steal.



In order to make your place really a home, it needs to be filled with items that represent you and your persona! What better way to do that by introducing art into your design process? The thought of buying art tends to scare people, but many pieces that are very accessible price-wise. Take lithographs for example, they’re not originals but still high quality print versions. The two below are both Picasso lithographs, but are you able to spot the one that will save you some cash?

Art isn’t cheap. Click to reveal the steal ($210) and the splurge ($850).

Lucite Bar Carts


Ever since Mid-century modern furniture came back into style, bar carts have been all of the rage. From brass to wood and everything in between, they’re a staple in homes everywhere! I’m a big fan of Lucite furniture, so naturally I find these crystal clear home accessories gorgeous. Displaying all of your glassware and fancy bottles truly makes for a great stylistic element to your home. These two bar carts below are essentially identical, but can you tell which one is less expensive?

For $950, the splurge is more than twice the $400 price tag of the steal.

Farmhouse Style Tables


If you’re looking to add a big table to your dining area for nightly family dinners and to host gatherings, then you know that a traditional farmhouse style table has a certain allure. Due to the size, wood and craftsmanship behind these tables they aren’t exactly inexpensive. After examining the two tables below, which one do you think takes the title for best steal in this duel?

Quality craftsmanship comes at a price. See what steal you can get for $395 and the splurge, available for $2,895.

Shop the quiz:

The Mid-century Modern Rocking Chairs

  • Rocking chair from Krrb ($195)
  • Cane back rocking chair from Chairish ($319)
  • The Credenzas

  • Vintage R Way credenza from Krrb ($650)
  • Mid-century inspired buffet from West Elm ($800)
  • The Lithographs

  • Pablo Picasso lithograph from Krrb ($210)
  • Pablo Picasso lithograph from Chairish ($850)
  • The Lucite Bar Carts

  • Vintage lucite bar from Krrb ($400)
  • Vintage lucite bar from 1stdibs ($950)
  • The Farmhouse Tables

  • Reclaimed wood table from Krrb ($395)
  • Salvaged wood table from Restoration Hardware ($2,895)
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      Is this a blog series? If not, it should be. I would love to read the next installment on this subject.
      Total Move

    • I am a big fan of mid-century furniture. I love the mid century Danish modern rocking chair. It could be the perfect match for my living room.