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Summer is not officially over for another few weeks and that means we’re in that strange space of time that is often described as “back to school”. You’re not in school per se, but you are gearing up for it. I loved getting ready for the first day of school more than I liked the first day itself! Today we’d inspiring you to hit the books with some back to school items for your home!

Map of Germany by Westermann

Make an amazing statement with this large map. A vintage German relief map by the legendary Westermann Map company. This map was rescued from the Archeology Department of Boston University. Make your room as informational as it is beautiful! Pick it up from Diamonds and Rust‘s Krrb Corner.

Vintage Heywood Wakefield Crimson Colored Chair



Original University of Oklahoma College School Desk by Heywood Wakefield. Bottom of chair branded with Heywood Wakefield Est.1826 with eagle symbol and small metal plate that reads, “University of Oklahoma” has been completely refinished from a faded, scratched, dull desk. Get the chair you always wanted in school right in your own entryway. Pick it up from Staying Vintage‘s Krrb Corner.

Walnut and Brass Pencil Cup

Everything has its place. Old-school modern that’s deliberate, simple, and clean.
This collection of desk accessories is playful, understated, and well-crafted. Celebrating natural materials that age well like solid wood, brass, porcelain, and vegetable tan leather. These pieces focus on functionality while creating a pleasing landscape for your workspace. You have no excuses for not getting your report in on time! Pick it up from Fashioned by Farrah Sit‘s Krrb Corner.

Vintage Pencil Sharpener

Put this on your desktop next to your desktop to give you that pencil shaving smell all year long. Best part: You don’t have to wait in a line to sharpen your pencils any longer. Pick it up from Rustbelt Treasure‘s Krrb Corner.

1940s Equipto 54 Drawer Steel Industrial Cabinet

Vintage 1940s industrial steel cabinet by Equipto, Illinois in original old school green. Ideal for storing accessories, tools, bits and bobs, everything and anything. Perfect for the even the biggest neat freak or pack rat or any retired school librarian longing for the days of the card catalogue. Pick it up from SevenBC‘s Krrb Corner.

Vintage Wall Industrial Schoolhouse Chalkboard

Classic schoolhouse chalkboard, framed in solid wood with nice large ledge for chalk and eraser. Not that you’d ever make a mistake. Pick it up from CushionChicago‘s Krrb Corner.

Antique Eastlake Pair of Door Plates and Handles

Add these to your front door for a grand entrance. Open the doors of knowledge!
Pick them up from Salvare Good‘s Krrb Corner.

Antique Timber Child’s Desk With Bench Seat

This would look great in an entryway or perfect for kids “playing school” in the playroom. Desk top also has a hole where pencils can be stored for added touch of realness. Pick it up from Katie‘s Krrb Corner.

Vintage School Nurses Office Couch

How many tummy aches where diagnosed on this vintage school nurses couch? How many of them were faking it? This couch will never tell. An adjustable back is unexpected and unique. Pick it up from Kenner Vision‘s Krrb Corner.

Vintage Simplex Wall Clock

Recognize this from the long spring days you spent counting down the moments til school was out for summer? This one doesn’t work so you can set it for 3:00 and leave it there, or try to replace the original parts so it can tick once more. Pick it up from Moraving‘s Krrb Corner.

Enamel Bahaus School Lights

You won’t have to suffer under fluorescent lights with these fantastic lights.Imagine preparing your sack lunch with these clean lights shining down on you. Pick them up from Christina‘s Krrb Corner.


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