Get On The Road Again – It’s time to start biking!


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Maybe you're into tandem riding?

Maybe you're into tandem riding?

It’s bike season and there are so many reasons to jump on a bike this summer. It’s good for your health, it’s good for the earth, it’s good for your wallet (have you seen these gas prices??). It’s also fun and convenient!

If you’re an old hand, keep on with the keepin’ on! But if you’re new to the game, there are a few things to figure out. Do you go fixie, single gear or multi-speed? Are you a roadster or a mountain biker? Used or new? Or maybe from a non-profit? Accouterments or simple? When you do get your bike, can you fix it and tune it when it inevitably needs the love? And after you have answered all these questions, what do your answers say about you?

From vintage to designer chic, discover just who your inner biker is…

Secondhand and Vintage

Peter of Brooklyn Vintage Bicycle

Peter of Brooklyn Vintage Bicycle.

The wheels over at Peter’s Brooklyn Vintage Bicycle come in both fixed-gear, multi-gear and single-gear, they range from the stylish and fancy to the pedestrian and functional – you know, the kind that won’t get stolen. We popped over to check out the stash and stash there was! Peter has at least 300-400 bikes on hand ready for you to tool around and find one that works just for you. Did you pick one out but it doesn’t have those taller handle bars you were banking on? No problem, he’ll hook you up with a quick switch cause that’s the kind of guy Peter is.

The single gear bicycles are becoming more popular because its fun to ride, very little maintenance, slick looking, light, and its like being in your childhood days riding a bmx bike. Get a multi-geared bike if you like to have the option to peddle easier.

Peter has also got helmets, baskets, and all kinds of fun add-ons if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. And although he’s acquiring bikes all the time, his inventory turns quickly so if you’re in Brooklyn and in the market for a secondhand bike, reach out now.

Peter has hundreds of bikes to choose from at Brooklyn Vintage Bicycle.

Peter has hundreds of bikes to choose from at Brooklyn Vintage Bicycle.

Check out Peter’s Krrb corner at

Straight Stylin’

Selections of bikes by Biciclette Assemblate.

Selections of bikes by Biciclette Assemblate.

But maybe you are looking to ride around on a piece of art. Francesco Bertelli builds amazingly handsome bikes out of a combination of dead stock, vintage components and new parts to create one-of-a-kind, handmade minimal machines. There are occasional touches of wood, leather and rubber but each frame is made from light-weight steel. What you’ll never find are stickers and logos, fake leather or sponge grips. And be prepared for a fixie because that’s all he does.

You’ll find detailed explanations and Bertelli’s philosophy on his site, If you are into design, get ready to drool.

Bikes as accessories

Kate Spade Bike

The Kate Spade Bike.

Even CB2, Kate and Jack Spade, and Brooklyn Industries, large fashion retailers are jumping into the bike experience. Each of these companies now sell bikes inspired by a vintage style, although they aren’t sold at vintage prices. Not one of these bikes are less than 500 dollars and Jack Spade’s can run you more than 4000 dollars. Ouch!

Bikes are your friend

Check out our posts on How to spruce up your bike for Spring and some super people in San Francisco and New York City turning to bikes and biking to help urban youths create opportunities for themselves.


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    Yes it is right. I appreciate  this write-up. Really I was looking forward to read about it. Love this entry. Thanks for this allocation. :lol:

  • Totally. Love his no bull biz!

  • bobbyblacks

    Nice to see Peter from Marine Park getting some appreciation here. His bikes are perfect for just about everybody. They’re straightforward and functional at sensible prices. If you really need to fall in love with your ride, you’ll go elsewhere, but if you want to get from A to B to C to D every day, go see this guy.